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Zhongke No. 5 crucian carp culture into fish technology?

Zhongke No. 3 “Heterogeneous silver crucian carp is a new product of the third generation of heterogeneous silver crucian carp.” Zhongke No. 3 “heterogeneous silver crucian carp has the characteristics of stable genetic traits, fast growth rate, high meat yield and low incidence. Compared with” Zhongke No. 3 “heterogeneous silver crucian carp,” Zhongke No. 5 “heterogeneous silver crucian carp has the advantages of fast growth rate, strong disease resistance, low breeding cost and high breeding efficiency. From April 2019 to December 2019, with the guidance and help of the county water technology station, Guangze County Ancai Ecological Agriculture and Forestry Farm carried out the main breeding experiment of “Zhongke No. 5” heterogeneous silver crucian carp in a pond of 10 acres, and achieved a yield of 900kg per mu and an output value of 1.440,000 yuan per mu, with significant economic benefits. The main breeding technology of Zhongke “No. 5” heterogeneous silver crucian carp is summarized as follows:

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1. Pond conditions

Select the pond water source as mountain stream water, the water source is sufficient, the water quality is good, and there is no pollution. The pond area is 10 mu, and the water depth is 2 on average. 2M, the bottom of the pond is flat, equipped with particulate oxygen and microporous aerator, aerator and bait machine and other fishery machinery and equipment, with a perfect inlet and outlet drainage system.

Second, prepare before stocking

Half a month before stocking, drain the pond water, expose the dry pond to the sun, remove weeds and weeds by the pond, clean the bottom of the pond, leave about 15cm of silt, clean the pond with quicklime for disinfection, 100-150kg of quicklime chunked pulp per mu, splash the whole pool while it is hot, and expose it to the sun for 5-7 days. Then evenly sprinkle 100kg/mu of decomposed and fermented organic fertilizer on the bottom of the pond, add 60-8cm of water for water, and the pool water is light yellow-green for 5-6 days. When there are a lot of plankton, fish species can be released.

3. Fish fingerling stocking

On April 28, 2019, purchased from Shunxingtai Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Shunchang County with a specification of 5. 31,000 “Zhongke No. 5” heterogeneous silver crucian carp with 5g/tail. The fingerling specifications are neat, the constitution is strong, and there are no injuries and diseases. During the same period, 100 herring with a specification of 100g/tail and 840 white silver carp with a specification of 40-50g/tail are kept in captivity to adjust the water quality. Disinfect the fingerlings with 3% -5% saline water before going into the pond.

4. Feeding management

1. Feed feeding: The feeding amount is determined according to the growth specifications, climate change, and water temperature. In the early stage, Jianma brand AO (floating material) was used for feed, and the feeding amount was 1% -2% of the fish body weight. In the middle and late stages, Jianma brand tilapia compound feed (floating material) was used for feed, and the feeding amount was 2% -3% of the fish body weight. Generally, it was fed 3 times a day (7:00-8:00, 11:30-12:30, 5:30-6:30), and the feeding time in summer was adjusted to (6:00-7:00, 10:30-11:30, 4:30-5:30), and the feeding time was controlled within 30 minutes. Feeding adheres to the principle of four determinations (quality, quantity, timing, positioning) and four observations (season, weather, water quality, eating and activity)

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