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Zheng Riyu’s information and film and television works?

Correct Chinese characters: Ding Yiyu Jungilwoo Common mistakes Translation name: Zheng Riyu/Zheng Riyou Date of birth: September 9, 1987 Blood type: O type Height: 184cm (this is published on the official website, do not change it indiscriminately) Weight: 63kg Birth area: Seoul, South Korea Education: Department of Performing Arts, Hanyang University Seoul University of the Arts Interests: Internet surfing, watching movies, listening to music, collecting clothes, swimming Expertise: Swimming Personality: Shy and introverted personality inherited from parents. But very cheerful after meeting Luo Haoyue. Family: Dad. Mom. Sister Religion: Catholic Sleeping: No, just sleep quietly. Motto: Only humble people can succeed. Ideal type: the type of lovely girlfriend Luo Haoyue, it is easy to catch people’s attention. TV series editor this paragraph 2006.11.06-2007.07. 13MBC sitcom Unstoppable Highkick (aka Funny Family) – as Li Yunhao 2008MBC sitcom [The Secret of Cocoa Island] – as Li Yunhao (guest appearance in the first episode) 2009MBC waterwood drama [Ichi Mei Returns] (sequel to “General Hospital 2” aired on January 21) – as Ichi Mei KBS waterwood drama [Please Miss] (sequel to “Buddy” aired on August 19) – as Li Tailun Film Editor This section 2006 “Silent World” (Jin Xiangqing Childhood Character) 2007 “My Love” CF2007 [Vita 500] [Clothing-NIKE] [CJ-Rice] [Mnet = Summerbreak] [somang Cosmetics-Men of Fancy] [Clothing-CL] [HT0 Banana Flavored Milk] [DAUM -UCC] [Samsung-Anycall] MV2006SAT-This is why I mv2006GoodByeSadness- so sad mv

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Tsinghua University Leadership Program 2021 Admissions Guide?

Approved by the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University has launched the Yau Chengtong Mathematics Science Leadership Talent Training Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Mathematics Leadership Program”) since this year. For the global recruitment of students with comprehensive outstanding and outstanding mathematical potential and expertise at the middle school level, from undergraduate continuous training to doctoral level, is committed to cultivating future leading talents in mathematics and related fields.

Project Introduction

“Mathematics Leadership Program” The annual enrollment scale does not exceed 100 people, and they will be admitted to the mathematics and applied mathematics major of Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University has established a college and adopts the “‘3 2’ 3” training model, which is continuously trained from undergraduate to doctoral level; no transfer to other majors is allowed during the “3 2” stage of study.

Institutions and Principles

The recruitment work of our school’s “Mathematics Leader Program” is under the leadership of the leading group of undergraduate admissions work of Tsinghua University, and the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University is responsible for the organization and implementation of specific work.

The recruitment work of the “Mathematics Leader Program” selects the best to determine the shortlist and admission list in accordance with the principles of justice and fairness, and preferring lack to abuse. The school’s discipline inspection and supervision department supervises the whole process and accepts social supervision.

Recruitment Objects

1. Global middle school students who advocate science, physical and mental health, have excellent grades, demonstrate outstanding mathematical potential and expertise, and aspire to engage in scientific research for life;

2. Mainly recruit first-year high school and second-year high school students from the mainland, and especially outstanding junior high school third-year and senior high school third-year students can also apply;

3. Mainly recruit tenth-year and eleventh-year students from overseas, and especially outstanding ninth-year and twelfth-year students can also apply;

4. Undergraduate freshmen of Tsinghua University who have been admitted in the current year can also apply (the application selection procedure will be stipulated separately).

How to apply

Students need to register online and fill in the application form in the registration system. After successful submission, please print the application form, verify and stamp the official seal of the middle school, and scan and upload it together with other application materials (application materials do not need to be mailed).

Registration URL:

https://admission.join-tsinghua.edu.cn, register or log in and select the “Qiu Chengtong Mathematical Sciences Leading Talent Training Program” program for registration. Please fill in and submit the application materials online according to the following requirements:

1. “Academic information” requires proof materials that can prove the student’s secondary school status, secondary school and grade.

2. “Secondary School Score Information” needs to be reviewed and stamped by the secondary school to prove that the results are true.

3. “Standardized Test Score Information” As a manifestation of students’ academic ability, mainland students can choose to provide Middle School Student Standard Academic Ability Test (THUSSAT) scores or SAT/ACT scores, etc. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international students can choose to provide SAT/ACT scores, etc. Please upload scanned copies or photos of the corresponding supporting materials.

4. “Additional Information” needs to be filled in item by item, and upload scanned copies or photos of the corresponding supporting materials. Specifically include:

(1) Mathematics-related expertise and awards;

(2) Provincial-level (inclusive) or above awards won in physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics Olympiads at the middle school level;

(3) Scientific research and innovation practices participated in at the middle school level;

(4) School-level (inclusive) or above personal honors obtained at the middle school level, etc.

5. “Application reason” is an important reference for the preliminary examination, please fill in carefully and truthfully (limited to 800 words).

6. Recommendation letters can be written for applicants by referees who understand the characteristics and strengths of students. The total number of recommendation letters should not exceed 2, which must be completed and uploaded according to the requirements in the registration system.

Selection Procedure

1. Preliminary Evaluation: The expert group will review the materials submitted by the students one by one, and conduct a comprehensive review of the mathematical expertise, usual performance, academic research, and innovation potential. The preliminary evaluation results will be announced in the registration system. The preliminary evaluation results are divided into three categories: excellent, passed, and failed. Members of the National Training Team of the Mathematical Olympiad and those who perform well in the expert group can be rated “Excellent”, and the excellent rating can be directly recognized as a finalist; students who “pass” in the preliminary evaluation can participate in the comprehensive test session; students who “fail” in the preliminary evaluation cannot participate in the follow-up session.

2. Comprehensive Test: Students who “pass” in the preliminary evaluation are required to participate in the comprehensive test. The comprehensive test subjects include Chinese and English reading, mathematics and physics. The test results will be announced in the registration system. Those who perform well in the comprehensive test can enter the professional test session.

3. Professional Test: The professional test includes the subject ability test (including the first test of mathematics and the second test of mathematics), psychological test and interview. Among them, the first test of mathematics includes all the content of middle school mathematics, calculus, linear algebra, and the basic concepts of group and group interaction; the second test of mathematics is an open content in a non-fixed form.

4. Physical fitness test: Physical fitness test items include: height, weight, lung capacity, step exercise test, sitting body forward flexion, standing long jump. Participants who do not participate for no reason will be disqualified from their accreditation.

5. Finalist identification: The evaluation committee will comprehensively evaluate the results of comprehensive material review, comprehensive test, professional test, and physical fitness test to give shortlisted identification suggestions. It is better to lack than abuse, and strict standards. The identification results will be announced in the registration system after being discussed and approved by the leading group of our school’s admissions work, and will be publicized according to relevant requirements. After the publicity is no objection, the identification results will take effect.

6. Confirmation: Students who have been shortlisted for accreditation should be confirmed as required and receive the “Certificate of Finalist Recognition of Tsinghua University’s 2021” Yau Chengtong Mathematical Science Leading Talent Training Program “.

7. Preparatory Training: Students who have been shortlisted for accreditation of the” Mathematical Leading Program “need to come to the school for preparatory training in the spring semester. During the preparatory period, non-high school graduating students will be tested on their ability to adapt to university study and life, and only after passing the examination can they go through the admission procedures.

Admission Policy

1. Admission conditions: Mainland students who have been shortlisted and passed the preparatory examination do not need to take the college entrance examination. Our school will apply for admission separately with reference to the admission method of bonded students. The specific method will be notified separately.

2. Other matters: Mainland students who have been shortlisted and passed the preparatory examination shall not be admitted to other institutions of higher learning as fresh graduates.

Training link

1. Establish a college to coordinate and promote the training work. In order to better implement the talent training work of the “Mathematics Leader Program”, the school has newly established a college as the talent training unit of the “Mathematics Leader Program” to design a special training plan and match relevant resources.

2. Teaching students according to their aptitude, “‘3 2’ 3” is connected to this blog. Equip students admitted to the “Mathematics Leadership Program” with first-class teachers, set up first-class courses, and provide a first-class environment; academic masters teach directly, customize courses in the history of mathematics and science, strengthen professional seminars and thesis training, guide students to carry out cutting-edge research, and attract students to participate in applied projects. The first three years of mathematics and science basic course study in the “3 2” stage, and the fourth and fifth years of scientific research training; the doctoral stage “3”, three years of vocational scientist study and training, and the training process of this research is organically connected.

3. Open exchanges, give full play to the advantages of both domestic and foreign resources, and invite internationally renowned scientists to come to the school to teach, give lectures, and conduct thesis guidance and other teaching activities. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant domestic universities, promote mutual recruitment of teachers, exchange of students, co-construction and sharing of resources, and jointly explore effective models for cultivating top-notch students in mathematics. Through joint training, exchange student programs, etc., students will be selected to study and exchange in first-class foreign universities and scientific research institutions in a planned and purposeful manner, so as to expand international horizons and enhance academic self-confidence.


1. From January 5, 2021 to January 19, 2021, online registration.

2. Before the end of January 2021, candidates will check the results of the preliminary review through the registration system.

3. In early February 2021, candidates will print the admission card through the registration system.

4. From February to March 2021, comprehensive test and professional test.

5. In late March 2021, the results of the shortlisted recognition will be announced and the certificate of the shortlisted recognition will be sent.

6. From April to June 2021, the school will receive preparatory training, and the admission procedures will be handled after the inspection is passed.

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