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Zhang Ziyi’s age, height resume?

Name: Zhang Ziyi

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Date of birth: February 9, 1979

Place of birth: Beijing

Height: 1.64cm

Weight: 49. 5Kg

Blood Type: O

Place of Origin: Beijing

Family Members: Parents, Older Brother

Hobbies: Sleeping, Sleeping when you have time, Swimming, Reading

Specialties: Eating

Favorite Entertainment: Watching VCDs, playing game consoles

Favorite Movies: “It’s Like an Old Man”, “Alive” (Watched Four Times)

Favorite Actor: Richard Gere (Mature Man and Gentleman Feeling)

Favorite Actress: Sofia Su

Favorite Movie Type: Romance

Favorite Clothing: Casual, Casual Clothing

Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Shanzhu, Peaches, and All the Delicious Things

Favorite Color: The color of the owl’s eyes. When I was in the countryside, I was suddenly fascinated by its eyes and felt that my eyes were bright.

Favorite Music: Phil Collins

Favorite Star: Leslie Cheung

Most Unforgettable Thing: After entering the entertainment industry, everything has become unforgettable!

Favorite Singers: Jacky Cheung, Anfang Mui, Junko, Huimei Zhang, etc…

Favorite Actors: Dexian Ye, Yuling Cheng, Qi Shu, Yun Fat Chow, Fangfang Xiao, etc…

Favorite Movies: “Reserve Mommy”, “Two New Hearts”, “The King of Comedy”

Favorite Sports: Swimming, Tennis, Squash

Favorite Food: Cheese, Chocolate

Favorite Drink: Taro Milk Tea, Horlicks, Chocolate Shake, Grapefruit Juice

Favorite Color: Red, White, Black, Purple, Beige

Favorite Animal: Dog, Pig, Tiger, Lion, Hippo

Study Resume

1990-1996 Studied folk dance at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy (six years)

Since September 1996, Studied at the Performance Department of Central Academy of Drama (undergraduate)

Work Resume

1994 Won the Chinese Folk Dance Performance Award in the 4th National Youth Peach and Plum Cup Dance Competition

1996 Shooting “Jingjiu” advertisement in Beijing

1997 Shooting “Olay Skin Care Products” advertisement in Hong Kong


In 1998, she served as the heroine of the film “My Father and Mother” directed by Zhang Yimou

In 1999, she won the “Rising Star” Award of the Asian Film Exchange Association

In 1999, she served as the heroine of the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” directed by Ang Lee, and starred in the opening program of the Spring Festival Gala with Chow Yun-fat and Yeoh Zi-qiong

In 2000, she participated in the opening program of the Spring Festival Gala with Zhang Yimou and the film “My Father and Mother” to participate in the 50th Berlin International Film Festival, and won the Silver Bear Award

In 2000, she filmed the “Skyworth TV” advertisement with Hong Kong actor Cheng Yijian in Guangdong

In 2000, she participated in the filming of the film “Shushan New

Zhang Ziyi grew up in Beijing. Her father was a cadre of the Telecommunications Bureau and her mother used to be a kindergarten teacher. Zhang Ziyi was thin and small when she was a child. Her mother’s colleagues saw that she was so thin and suggested that she learn gymnastics, so her mother sent her to Xuanwu District Sports School. It happened that there was no gymnastics class this year, so the teacher suggested that she learn dance. In this way, 8-year-old Zhang Ziyi walked into Xuanwu District Children’s Palace to learn dance. Her enlightenment teacher was also the enlightenment teacher of the gold rush.

3 years later, 11-year-old Zhang Ziyi was admitted to the High School Affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy, started her 6-year study of folk dance, and won the performance award in the 94 National Peach and Plum Cup Dance Competition. This award not only did not make little Zhang Ziyi complacent, but made her start a second life choice. As she grew older, she felt the narrowness of the dance performance space. She was unwilling to be a dancer all her life, let alone accompany others all her life. She wanted to find her own foothold and find her own development space, so she thought of drama and film.

After graduating from the High School Affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy in 1996, she was successfully admitted to the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 1998, she took on Zhang Yimou’s “My Father and Mother”, which was her first film and successfully completed the role of “My Mother”. In 1999, she was selected by the famous Chinese director Li An to cooperate with Chow Yun-fat and Yang Ziqiong to participate in the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. In the same year, she won the “Rising Star” Award of the Asian Film Exchange. In 2000, she starred in the opening program of the Spring Festival Gala. At the beginning of the year, the famous Hong Kong director Tsui Hark also fell in love with her and invited her to play a female general with high martial arts skills in the remake “The New Biography of Shushan”.

Zhang Ziyi, who will graduate from Chinese opera in July, has recently found a “in-law” —– Central Experimental Theater. She said that she is a girl who pursues stability, “If you have a stable and suitable job, you need to be at ease in your heart.”

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