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Written review of the poor implementation of the main responsibility?

Respected school leaders and teachers:

manager says im not pulling my weight

Today is June 1, 20xx. There was a basic business management class in the morning. Due to my own personal affairs, I missed 3 to 4 sessions of this class, and did not ask the teacher for leave, which caused a serious impact on the class. After the teacher’s teaching, I knew where my mistakes were and the seriousness of my mistake of skipping class. No matter what reason, skipping class is wrong. The main task of students is to attend class and study hard. If they don’t do their jobs well, what’s the reason? Skipping class itself is wrong. So I should review! Therefore, I am writing this review letter to you with guilt and remorse to express to you my deep understanding of the bad behavior of absenteeism and my determination to never miss class again.

I remember that as early as when we stepped into the school when we entered the freshman year, the school and the teachers had already applied for five orders and repeatedly emphasized that the whole school should not miss class. But today I still missed class for no reason. I feel it is necessary to talk about the absenteeism. What happened is this: Due to the recent irregular weather and diet, I have a gastrointestinal cold. I woke up in the morning with serious discomfort, some fever, and diarrhea, which is very uncomfortable. So, I chose the behavior of absenteeism. Although I know that this behavior is also wrong, I still did it. Now I think this behavior is very wrong. Even if I don’t go, I should ask for leave. I can’t be so casual. The impact is really bad, and it has caused a lot of inconvenience to the class and teachers. Therefore, I feel it is necessary and should make this written review to the teacher, so that I can deeply reflect on my mistakes.

I’m really sorry, teacher! What I did was a serious matter of principle. I know that the teacher is also very angry about my unexcused absenteeism. I also know that for students, it is the most basic responsibility and the most basic obligation to ensure that every class is on time, not to leave early, and not to miss class. But I failed to do even the most basic things. Afterwards, I thought about it very calmly for a long time, and I gradually realized that I was going to pay the price for my impulses, and I really deserved it. The teacher repeatedly taught me that the words were still in my ears, and the serious expression was still in front of my eyes. I was deeply shocked, and I have also deeply realized the importance of this. Now that the big mistake has been made, I am deeply regretful. I deeply reviewed and thought that there was a fatal mistake hidden in my own mind: my ideological awareness is not high, I do not respect others enough, and I will have more respect for the teacher in the future. There is a serious lack of attention to important matters. I usually have a lazy lifestyle, if it were not for being too lazy, it would not be so. In order to better understand my mistakes, and also to let the teacher believe that I can truly correct my mistakes and ensure that I will not repeat them, I summarize my mistakes as follows:

First of all, it is a mistake in my thinking: I do not pay enough attention to courses that I am not very interested in, and I do not pay enough attention to courses that are not suitable for my major, so I will not go to this class. Of course, there are reasons for my physical discomfort, but this kind of thinking still has a certain impact on me. After all, I feel that the class of the department chair has not escaped. For this point, I did not pay much attention when I began to reflect, but after deep reflection, I finally realized that this mistake was the important reason for my absenteeism. If I like this course very much, if this course is our professional course, will I skip this course for no reason? This mistake is also reflected in my classroom efficiency without absenteeism. Many courses that I am not interested in, I often do not pay attention to the lecture from beginning to end. Although this behavior does not disturb the teaching and learning of my classmates and teachers, it is a serious mistake for myself. For every course offered by the school, there is a school reason, and we as students should study it seriously. The serious consequences of my absenteeism are as follows:

Let the teacher worry about my safety. I didn’t show up on time when I should have appeared on time. How could I not worry the teacher who usually cares about and cares about every student. And such worries are likely to distract the teacher from work all day long, causing more serious consequences, and also affect the teacher’s passion for class. I ask who has the heart to lecture when few people are in class.

It caused a bad influence among the students. Due to my absenteeism alone, this casual indulgence may cause other students to follow suit, affect the discipline of the class, and be irresponsible to the parents of other students, just like smelly fish smashing a pot of soup all the time, so this influence is really bad.

The most important impact on the improvement of personal comprehensive level. This course is enterprise management. Although it doesn’t seem useful for the time being, it is still very effective for the improvement of comprehensive level. Who knows when it will be used. It really shouldn’t be used to make myself fail to improve under the condition of instinctive improvement.

Up to now, the big mistake has been made, and I am deeply regretful. After a deep review, I believe that the fatal mistakes hidden in my thoughts are as follows:

My own ideological awareness and cultivation are not high, and I pay serious attention to important matters. Even if I have knowledge, I fail to really implement it in action, which is very fatal.

The fundamental reason for my low ideological awareness is that I lack respect for others. Just imagine, if I had a deeper respect for my teachers, I would go to class regardless of everything. No matter what class, no matter what time it is, I will rush to the classroom without hesitation. If I had such awareness, I would not skip class.

My usual lifestyle is too lazy. If it wasn’t for laziness, carelessness, and low memory, how could I forget the class schedule that the teaching secretary worked so hard to make?

I usually don’t communicate enough with my roommates to truly unite my classmates. Just imagine, if I communicate enough with my roommates, how can I not know when they leave the dormitory? If I really unite with them, how can they not know that I am taking a shower? If I go further and invite them to go to school together, is it possible for absenteeism to happen?

For the mistakes and deficiencies I mentioned above, I decided to have the following personal rectification measures:

According to the teacher’s requirements, pay a 3,000-word review book for quality assurance! Dig deeply into the root of the mistakes in your own thinking, and recognize the serious consequences and adverse effects it may cause.

Make a study plan, seriously overcome the shortcomings of laziness and carelessness in life, try to do well in the exams, and make up for my mistakes with good grades

Strengthen communication with my classmates, and learn more from those who don’t skip class and don’t skip anything. They are my role models. So I promise not to make the above mistakes again

Take active action, hold accountable, and forge ahead despite shame.

What happened on June 1st is a great shame for our class and for me personally. The department leader issued a notice to punish me. I personally believe that this is the right decision. I fully agree with the decision of the department leaders. This incident shows that my study work is not solid enough and has major flaws. For the past two days, I have been asking myself: “Study hard and make progress every day” should be a motto that a student, whether a college student, should always keep in mind. Regarding the class, whether I don’t want to go or the teacher doesn’t give a good lecture, I should be obliged to attend his class. However, I didn’t do my best, which led to something that shouldn’t have happened on June 1. After the incident, I conducted serious reflection, and I personally made a deep review and self-criticism.

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