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Women’s skin care products suitable for 20-27 years old?

Suitable skin care products There are many skin care products suitable for mature skin. After the age of 27, the choice of skin care products should not only moisturize and whiten, but also pay attention to fighting fine lines.

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27-year-old girls’ skin care products should choose multi-functional creams, serums and eye creams in addition to regular moisturizing and whitening. After the age of 25, fine lines appear first around the corners of the eyes, and our eyelids are also the thinnest part of our skin, so we need to take good care of them, otherwise it is easy to grow crow’s feet lines, loose skin, etc., and look old, so pay attention to eye creams at the age of 27.

In addition to basic skin care products, 27-year-old skin care products should add essence and eye cream. The two large pieces can comprehensively fight fine lines, tighten the skin, and slow down the appearance of fine lines on the face.

What goods can you bring without word-of-mouth points?

In Douyin e-commerce, word-of-mouth points are one of the very important indicators. It reflects consumers’ evaluation and feedback on products, and plays an important role in improving the exposure and sales of products. However, even without word-of-mouth points, there are still some products that can be promoted and sold through other channels.

Here are some possible promotion methods:

1. Preferential promotions: Attract consumers through promotions such as discounts, price-break discounts, etc., and increase sales.

2. Live streaming: Show the audience the characteristics and use effects of the goods through live broadcast, and attract consumers to buy.

3. Advertising placement: Increase the exposure and popularity of the goods by placing advertisements on the Douyin platform.

4. Cooperative promotion: Cooperate with other influential Douyin users or brands to promote, and increase the awareness and sales of the goods.

It should be noted that no matter what kind of promotion method, there needs to be enough product inventory and good product quality in order to attract consumers to buy and leave praise. Therefore, before conducting any promotion activities, you need to carefully evaluate your products and market conditions and formulate reasonable promotion strategies and plans.

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