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Winter skin care sequence and steps?

1. Wash your face

winter skin care routine

In winter, you should choose a moisturizing and moisturizing facial cleanser with better moisturizing effect, which can relieve facial tightness and improve dry skin.

Washing your face can remove dirt, oil and bacteria on the surface of the skin, but the water temperature of washing your face is about 35 ° C, which can enhance the skin’s ability to resist viruses and lock in moisture in the skin.

2. Apply makeup water and serum

After washing your face, you should apply softener in time to replenish moisture to the skin and moisturize the skin.

People with large pores can choose an emollient with astringent effect, which can shrink pores and make the skin firmer, more delicate and smooth.

If you have dull skin tone, uneven skin tone or long spots, you should apply serum. The serum has a delicate texture and penetrates into the bottom of the muscle, achieving a deep skin care effect.

3. Use a moisturizing cream

Applying a moisturizing cream can lock in the moisture in the skin. If you do not apply a cream after applying water milk or essence, it will speed up the loss of moisture and nutrients in the skin.

Applying a moisturizing cream can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, allowing the skin to be moisturized and moisturized for a long time.

4. Apply barrier cream

You should apply barrier cream before going out, especially for people who face the computer for a long time. By applying barrier cream, you can block radiation and dust, and also isolate ultraviolet rays and dirt. In addition, applying barrier cream can also brighten people’s skin tone.

5. Makeup remover

After a busy day of work, the skin also needs a certain rest.

After returning home, you should remove your makeup in time to prevent the harmful substances in the barrier cream from remaining on the skin and avoid clogging pores. Use a professional makeup remover oil of relatively mild quality, and then use a facial cleanser to wash it off.

6. Use a mask

You can use a moisturizing or nutritious mask before going to bed, which can replenish moisture to the skin and prevent dry and peeling of the skin caused by lack of water.

It is relatively cold to apply a mask in winter. You can soak the moisturizing mask in warm water for about ten minutes, and then tear the package open and stick it on your face.

7. Apply moisturizing

The water loss rate is relatively fast when sleeping in winter. After applying the mask, you should apply moisturizing essence in time to lock in the moisture in the skin.

Apply an appropriate amount of moisturizing essence to your face, and then gently massage it with your fingers.

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