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Wine storage system in the bar?

All special drinks during the event will not be allowed to be stored.

liquor inventory management with weight scale for bar

Any secondary wine storage will not be allowed.

All wine storage must be confirmed at the wine warehouse with the consumption card of the table.

All wine storage must first fill in the wine storage card for the guest to confirm on the spot, and then confirm it to the manager before the card and the wine to be stored can be placed in the wine inventory.

Each wine storage must be signed and confirmed by the manager.

The wine storage card must be returned to the bar on time and quickly.

If you fill in the category, date, and quantity of the drink when storing the wine, you are responsible for it.

Can a bar sneak snacks in?

In many bars, sneaking snacks in is not allowed. This is because bars will usually have their own food and beverage policies to maintain their unique atmosphere and profit model. First, sneaking snacks into the bar may be seen as an infringement of the bar’s rights and interests. This may attract the attention of the bar management, which may result in expulsion from the bar or other penalties. Second, sneaking snacks into the bar may upset the balance and order of the bar. Bars usually offer a variety of food and drinks to meet the needs of guests. If guests can bring their own snacks into the bar, then the bar’s food and drink sales may be affected, thus affecting the bar’s profitability. Finally, sneaking snacks into the bar may also pose a latent risk to the health of the guests. The food and drinks in the bar are usually strictly inspected and managed to ensure their quality and safety. If guests bring their own snacks, there may be hygiene and safety issues, thus creating a latent risk to the health of the guests. Therefore, I recommend not sneaking snacks into the bar. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere and drinks of the bar, it is best to consume them inside the bar.

How to deal with the bar’s own drinks?

Bars can charge a corkage fee for bringing their own drinks, because ktv and bars are prohibited from bringing their own drinks. Bars are places that provide drinks and drinking services for guests. If everyone brings their own drinks, the bar cannot operate.

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