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Will the weight of the feet increase just after soaking?

Weighing the weight just after soaking may make the weight increase. If it is soaked in cold water, during the soaking process, the body absorbs more water, and the weight will increase.

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But if it is soaked in hot water, it may cause blood on the surface of the whole body, open pores, and the body will sweat a lot. After a lot of sweat is discharged, the weight may also decrease. The weight measured at this time is not the most real personal weight situation.

Will the weight gain after soaking in water for a long time?


When people soak in water for a period of time, the body will not absorb water or even lose water, resulting in weight loss.

Due to the semi-permeability of cell membranes, coupled with long-term immersion in water, a large amount of water flows into the epidermis and dermis. Moreover, the epidermis is mainly composed of the stratum corneum, which will expand after absorbing water, while the dermis below the stratum corneum is a connective tissue and will not expand due to a large amount of water absorption. This results in a volume difference between the inner and outer layers, resulting in wrinkles.

Do people gain weight in water for a long time?

I don’t know if people will gain weight in water for a long time, but I think it will become edema. If many people have personal experience with this, I think it can be said. To give you an experience, I think it will not gain weight in water for a long time. It will at least make people edema and fat. As long as you don’t eat a lot of things in water, there should be a small chance

How to soak milk in a newborn?

The amount of milk should be determined according to the baby’s age, weight, health status and feeding method. Under normal circumstances, the amount of milk in a newborn should be controlled at about 30-60 ml each time, and fed 6-10 times a day. You can formulate the milk volume and formula suitable for the baby according to the formula table on the milk powder packaging or ask a doctor, nutritionist and other professionals.

In the process of soaking milk, you need to strictly abide by the steps of disinfection, cleaning, accurate weighing, etc., to ensure that the milk powder dissolves evenly, the temperature is appropriate, and to avoid overfeeding. You also need to pay attention to observe the baby’s fullness, defecation, etc., and adjust the milk volume and formula in time.

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