Weight management

Will the scale outside the pharmacy become lighter or heavier after being used for a long time?

It shows that the weight will be larger than the actual one.

weight management pharmacy

Because the internal elastic mechanism is aging, the travel of the elastic mechanism becomes larger under the action of the same weight.

What do you think of the weight scale inside the pharmacy?

The scale in the pharmacy needs to see if there is a detection button or switch under your feet. 1. There is this button or switch, just look at the number, and stand up directly to detect and record the weight. Such a scale is more convenient and accurate to use. 2. Without this switch or button, you need to stand up to measure first. After the number is stable, stand up and then adjust the scale back to zero before standing up to detect. Relatively troublesome, and the number deviation is also large.

Is the scale at the door of the pharmacy accurate?

Not necessarily. Because the weight scale of the pharmacy is sponsored by the weight loss drug manufacturer, it is still relatively accurate at the beginning of the new time, but many people use it every day. Later, there are too many people who use it, and the accuracy will not work. It must be calibrated from time to time.

The waiter of the pharmacy sometimes adjusts it, and sometimes it doesn’t matter. When I was a salesperson in the pharmacy, the manager of the pharmacy was still very diligent. He adjusted it every day when he had nothing to do, and he didn’t care when he was busy with business.

How to use the pharmacy electronic scale?

The steps to use the pharmacy electronic scale are as follows: 1. Prepare the electronic scale: Place the electronic scale on a smooth table top and ensure that the weighing plate is free of debris. 2. Turn on the electronic scale: Press the switch button on the electronic scale or plug in the power cord to turn on the power supply of the electronic scale. 3. Select the unit of measurement: Some electronic scales can choose different measurement units and adjust the measurement unit as needed. 4. Calibrate the weighing plate: Some electronic scales may need to be calibrated. Calibrate according to the instructions in the electronic scale manual. 5. Place the medicine: The medicine to be weighed is placed on the weighing plate of the electronic scale to ensure that the medicine is evenly distributed on the weighing plate. 6. Read the measurement result: Wait for the electronic scale to stably display the weight of the medicine and read the number or value on the display screen. 7. Clear: If you need to weigh multiple medicines in a row, you can press the clear button on the electronic scale to clear the value of the last weighing. 8. Turn off the electronic scale: After use, press the shutdown button on the electronic scale or pull out the power cord to turn off the electronic scale. It should be noted that when using the electronic scale in the pharmacy, make sure that the weighing plate is clean, and try to avoid the weighing plate coming into contact with moisture or other liquids, so as not to affect the accuracy of the weighing plate and measurement. At the same time, when storing the electronic scale, avoid being shaken or dropped to ensure the normal use and life of the electronic scale.

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