Weight management

Will the civil servant physical examination do dna?

There will be no dna examination. The items of the civil servant physical examination mainly include height, weight test and blood pressure test. Blood biochemical tests should also be done, including blood routine, liver function, kidney function, blood lipid analysis and blood sugar test. Electrocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound of the heart, chest X-ray examination and color Doppler ultrasound of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney are also required.

weight management dna test

Through these tests, it can be preliminarily determined whether there is hypertension, whether there is diabetes, whether there is high blood lipids, whether there is liver function damage, and whether there are abnormal diseases such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen. If there are serious abnormal diseases of the heart and lung, it is not possible to enter the job normally.

How to distinguish the

Skinny genes can be identified by gene sequencing and genetic studies. By analyzing the genetic sequence information in the body, gene mutations or polymorphisms related to the body type of thin people can be found.

Some genes known to be related to weight regulation, such as FTO, MC4R, etc., are thought to be related to the genes of thin people.

In addition, genetic studies can look for gene variants related to the body type of thin people by comparing the genetic characteristics of family members. However, the genes of thin people are jointly determined by multiple genes and environmental factors, so the identification of thin people genes still has complexity.

Is non-invasive DNA related to body weight?

The results of non-invasive DNA have little to do with the number of pregnancies and weight, so don’t be too nervous about this. Relax and pay attention to regular pregnancy tests. If there is insufficient intake of trace elements or calcium, symptomatic supplementary treatment is required. Four-digit color Doppler ultrasound is done at 24-28 weeks to rule out fetal abnormalities. If necessary, you need to check again, and you need to terminate the pregnancy.

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