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Will rubbing skin care products turn into an oily face?

Rubbing skin care products will turn into an oily face, because everyone’s skin type is different, and the products it is used for are also different. For example, for oily skin, if he uses a facial cleanser or skin care product with heavy oily ingredients, it will cause the skin to secrete more oil, clog pores and cause acne, so be sure to know what skin type it is, and then buy facial cleansers and skin care products that suit you

skin care routine is causing oily

Why is the water milk essence essential oil cream very oily?

This is a normal phenomenon because:

1. Replenish moisture

When the skin is very oily on the outside, it may be dry inside and outside, and the skin is seriously dehydrated inside. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the skin hydration work. After applying the toner, use the essence products with hydrating effect. Apply the hydrating mask 2 to 3 times a week.

2. Use the muscle bottom fluid

The muscle bottom fluid has both hydrophilic and oil-friendly ingredients, which can help the skin absorb the nutrients of skin care products. After applying toner, it can make the skin’s appetite open and enhance its absorption. It is suitable for people with thick stratum corneum, poor skin absorption capacity and face oil after applying skin care products.

3. Regularly exfoliate

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin and can protect the subcutaneous tissue. When the stratum corneum is too thick, it will cause dehydration of the skin. The nutrients of skin care products cannot enter the deep layers of the skin and accumulate on the surface of the face, making the face look greasy. Exfoliate every two weeks and choose gentle exfoliating products.

4. Change the skin care sequence

Master the correct skin care sequence. Generally, the application sequence is determined according to the density of skin care products. At first, choose a light toner, then muscle bottom fluid, essence, lotion and cream, so that the skin can better absorb nutrients.

5. Extend the interval between use of skin care products

There should be a certain interval in the middle of each skin care product to allow the skin to fully absorb. If the face is very oily after applying the lotion, it is possible to apply the lotion directly before fully absorbing the essence and toner. After each skin care product is applied, wait about three minutes, and then proceed to the next step after the skin absorbs almost.

6. Apply with a cotton pad

Try to use a cotton pad instead of both hands, because the cotton pad can achieve the secondary cleaning effect. You can also control the amount of lotion when using it. As long as you apply a little lotion, you can apply it all over your face, saving the amount of skin care products.

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