Weight management

Why Limit Weight in Boxing?

Boxing Limits Weight in order to guarantee fairness and safety in the competition. Weight limits can ensure that players have similar physique and strength in the same level of competition, avoiding obvious asymmetrical fights.

boxing how bad is weight management

In addition, weight restrictions can also help reduce the risk of injury, as excessive weight differences can lead to more serious injuries.

By limiting weight, boxing is able to provide a more just and safe competitive environment, making the competition more challenging and predictable.

Aren’t boxers supposed to be strong and eat a lot? Why Lose Weight?

Because first of all, there are heavyweights in professional boxing, not just casual fights. If you want to participate in the competition, you must meet the weight requirements. For example, Zou Shiming participated in the competition in the 49kg class, that is, the contestant must be under the 49kg class. Pacquiao crosses the heavyweight class, but the largest heavyweight does not exceed the 68kg class. It is of course necessary to lose weight if you exceed the weight.

Of course, if you are not limited to weight, there are also heavyweights, and you can also improve your combat effectiveness, but you have to take into account that all opponents at that level have no weight limit and are all barbaric. At that time, what kind of behemoths may be able to enter the competition, and it will not be easy for you to fight. So for most people, it is better to honestly control their weight and fight their own heavyweight.

In addition, as an ordinary person, learning boxing, I feel that as long as you don’t let yourself grow too much fat, there is no need to deliberately control your weight. Under the condition that the basic technical movements can be completed without deformation, the heavier you are, the more you can fight, which is basically certain. But to go to the competition, it is not just about who can fight better, but who can fight better within the rules, so it is necessary to control your weight and lose weight.

Another point is that boxers, in fact, as long as they are a little more conservative, it is difficult to be KO in a short time, because they are wearing boxing gloves, which are much less lethal than naked punches, and most boxers are at the level of power, which is also unable to exert the power of a punch KO. It is more necessary to find opportunities to win in constant tug-of-war. It is actually very difficult to win in a short time, so compared to what many people think, boxing is won by explosive power. In fact, a large part of it is won by endurance. Too much fat and too much fat will undoubtedly affect the sensitivity of one’s pace, and it is also necessary to reduce “fat”.

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