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Why is the skin still red every day?

Because some people’s skin is more sensitive, and sometimes although skin care is good, too much skin care can lead to sensitive skin, so it will cause the skin to become sensitive

skin care routine redness

What’s the matter with any skin care products or cosmetics on the face?

First of all, let me introduce my own facial skin condition. I belong to the kind of thin stratum corneum. When the seasons change, or the temperature is too cold and hot, and my face will be very red when I am emotional. Occasionally, I will open a acne. This situation has always bothered me. General cosmetics are not dare to be used. By chance, I came into contact with a dermatologist and he told me to use this gel.

It can repair the stratum corneum and enhance skin resistance.

I have been using it for more than a month now. After washing before going to bed every night as the last item, wipe it thinly on the face. This is the texture of the gel. It is still very comfortable to wipe on the face. Normally, I have to use it morning and evening, but I can’t wipe it during the day, only use it at night. Now the skin is obviously better than before, and I feel that the stratum corneum is thicker. The most important thing is that my face is really unwilling to be red now, and I will stick to it. I hope friends who have the same troubles can learn from it~

Hospitals and pharmacies sell it, and the ingredients are also very safe. Everyone can use it with confidence.

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Recently, many ladies have asked what to do if there is red blood? Today, Xiao A will share with you!

The following is my personal opinion on red blood, sensitive and fragile skin!

Repeated red blood in sensitive skin? Look at this, teach you to repair the skin barrier with one click!

Red blood appears on the face

, indicating that the function of the skin protective barrier has become weaker. To elaborate, the skin is thin, the stratum corneum is thin, and external stimulation will immediately cause capillary dilation and red blood.

Is there a solution to duck? Yes, that is to find a way to thicken your stratum corneum.

Do not use any cosmetics, insist on washing your face with water, because our skin can heal itself.

Use skin care products streamlined and effectively

to accelerate the recovery of the skin barrier. Just wash your face with water. If you feel that it is not clean, you can try to use amino acid cleansing, do not use irritating soap bases.

It can also be matched with squalane essential oil to restore the skin water and oil film. If you feel that the moisturizing strength is not enough, you can also superimpose a streamlined moisturizing essence, such as Sogo Xi hyaluronic acid essence, which contains hyaluronic acid wrapped in liposome globules, which can effectively help barrier repair.

The last step is very important!!!!!

Be sure to use a repairing cream

, which can maintain the skin’s moisture level while isolating external stimuli, such as Kerun’s ceramide cream, Yuze barrier repair cream, Winona special care cream, etc. are all good choices

In addition, for sensitive skin, you must do a good job of sun protection when you go out.

Choose physical sun protection

, which will be less irritating to the skin.

Wear a hat and a sunscreen mask


Also, don’t use functional skin care products recently, such as whitening, anti-aging, and brush acid. Don’t do it when the barrier is repaired. It’s not bad for these two days. In this way, you can get the “copper wall and iron wall” as soon as possible. Having smooth and delicate milk muscles is just around the corner!!!

I have shared so much with you. If you like Xiao A

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