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Why is the complexion dull after applying skin care products?

The complexion of the face is dull, because the makeup water contains too much glycerin, as well as the ingredients in skin care products, resulting in the skin looking dull. For different ingredients of makeup water, the effect of applying skin care products after washing the face is also different. Especially when the seasons change, the skin is in the process of metabolism, and it will inevitably be a little rough and absorb water quickly. Dry skin should of course pay attention to hydration, and do not use very greasy skin care products because of dryness. Nowadays, many products have a good balance of water and oil, but old-fashioned products, like many established domestic products, to be honest, have large molecular weight and poor absorption, which cannot solve the problem at all.

skin care routine dull skin

Glycerin does not lose water due to evaporation, it helps the skin absorb moisture in the air and maintain the skin’s water and oil balance; glycerin can fill pores, soften the skin, and improve the skin structure; glycerin can block the damage of external pollutants to the skin, treat dry, rough and other skin problems, and keep the skin soft and moist. It is recommended to use a moisturizing and whitening mask once a week and replace it with other skin care products, such as various whitening series skin care products. You can also use a milder exfoliating lotion every week, and use a whitening and skin care mask regularly.

Be careful not to eat greasy and spicy foods, and avoid dark foods. Pay attention to sun protection, ensure enough sleep every day, and avoid staying up late. Drinking a lot of lemon juice and tomato juice can also play a role in fading melanin.

What is the reason for the dull base makeup soon?

The reasons for the dull base makeup may be as follows:

1. Poor skin condition: If the skin often produces oil, large pores, or is dehydrated and dry, then the base makeup is easy to fade or dull.

2. Environmental factors: Air pollution, bacteria, dust and other external conditions can affect the durability and color change of the base makeup.

3. Poor quality of base makeup: If you choose low-quality base makeup products that are not suitable for your own skin type, it is easy to appear dull.

4. Incorrect method of use: If the base makeup is not properly primed, evenly applied or used too much, it will cause dullness.

5. Long-term exposure to electronic devices: The blue light emitted by electronic devices will cause the skin to produce oxygen free radicals, which in turn lead to dullness and oxidation.

Skin care products to improve facial dullness?

Yuelei Ocean Glacier Water Condensation 168RMB/120ML

Yuelei Water Condensation is a new and clear texture. It penetrates and absorbs quickly between light wipes, and the skin feels hydrated, soft and silky smooth. After use, it is intensively moisturized, and the texture of the skin is also improved, silky smooth, fine lines are reduced, and the skin tone is vivid and vivid. Day after day, the skin feels more delicate, the traces of fatigue are improved, and the radiance is revealed. With continuous use, the skin is rejuvenated and more vibrant.

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