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Why is kantostarter so expensive?

It is expensive because it is extracted from natural raw materials. The product line of kantostarter brand is quite rich, mainly health products, involving healthy clothing, healthy home, healthy food, healthy skin care products, healthy accessories, etc. The products are not only sold well in Japan, but also exported to Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Europe, America and other countries.

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What brand of skin care products is daisy?

Daisy, from Korea. Daisy, English “daisy”, represents happiness, purity, innocence, peace, hope and beauty; Mee, Korean “pure beauty.”

OURPROMISEWebelieveinnature. We believe that nature has the magical power to bring health and beauty to the skin, and make full use of the raw materials given by nature to deliver pure care. Welistentoourcustomers. We listen to consumers’ real skin care demands and are committed to providing effective and optimal skin care solutions for post-80s women.

Uniqlo’s sales in various countries?

In addition to China, Uniqlo has also opened stores in South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

The Korean market was opened in December 2007, the first direct-operated store was opened by Uniqlo and Lotte (LOTTE, a well-known Japanese-Korean joint enterprise). In November 2011, the 65th store – “Myeongdong Central Store” was launched in the Myeongdong area of Seoul, South Korea (located in the central district of Seoul, which is a representative shopping mall area in South Korea), with a total area of about 3,967 square meters. Annual sales 50 billion won (about 800 million yuan). At present, the total number of Uniqlo Korean stores has exceeded 150. In fiscal year 2015, Uniqlo’s sales in the Korean market reached 1. 1.169 quadrillion won (about 6.70 billion yuan), ranking first in the sales volume of Korean SPA brands.

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