Weight management

Why do you keep exercising and not lose weight?

Although exercise helps to lose weight, weight loss may be affected by other factors. Here are some common reasons that may cause you to keep exercising but not lose weight:

weight management through exercise

1. Dietary problems: Even if you exercise actively, if your eating habits are not correct, the calories consumed may exceed the consumption, resulting in difficulty in losing weight. It is recommended to pay attention to the health and balance of your diet and control the correct calorie intake.

2. Muscle growth: Exercise makes your body stronger and will increase the amount of muscle. Tube muscles are more beneficial to health than fat, but they are heavier than fat. So, even if you are losing fat, it is possible that you will gain weight while gaining muscle.

3. Water retention: Exercise promotes blood circulation and lymphatic excretion, while also stimulating the body to sweat. At the beginning of exercise, the body may temporarily retain more water, causing you to appear to have no weight loss. This condition is usually temporary and can be resolved by continuous exercise and maintaining body levels.

4. Genetic factors: Everyone’s physique and genes are different. Some people may lose weight more easily, while others may need more effort to see the weight loss effect. If you feel that you have no problems with exercise and diet, but still cannot lose weight, you may need to consult a professional to understand your individual situation.

In short, if you insist on exercise but do not lose weight, it is recommended that you consider multiple aspects. Pay attention to a healthy diet, reasonably control calorie intake, and cooperate with appropriate aerobic exercise and strength training, which will help improve physical health and weight management.

Reasons for weight loss after exercise?

People in the process of exercise, the active muscles must have energy to support, and energy mainly comes from fat and sugar.

Short-term strenuous activity can make people temporarily in a state of hypoxia. A large amount of sugar in the body is decomposed, and the energy generated is supplied to the muscles. This is called anaerobic exercise. But anaerobic exercise only decomposes sugar, and does not consume fat.

After a long period of exercise, the sugar decomposed in the body generates heat that cannot meet the needs of the muscles. It must be supplied by oxygen. At this time, the fat in the body begins to oxidize and decompose to produce heat. This is called aerobic exercise, which can help decompose fat.

In addition, the endocrine system and nervous function in the body play a role in regulating and decomposing, and as long as it is in a balanced state, it can maintain a normal weight.

When there is a disorder in the regulation function, the balanced metabolism will be disrupted. When synthesis exceeds decomposition, people will consume too much fat and store it. Only by strengthening exercise can we improve the endocrine system and nervous system, restore them to a balanced state, speed up metabolism, prevent fat accumulation, and ultimately achieve weight loss.

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