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Why do some skin care products use face glow?

The beauty and skin care products that may be used contain lead and mercury exceeding the standard, or are applied too thickly, etc. At an average age, it is recommended to calm down and work hard. Kindness, inner fullness, confidence, and strength are the most permanent beauty. Keep the stool unobstructed. Just use general moisturizing skin care products. If we are not old, the most important thing to use skin care products is to use moisturizing and emollient skin.

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What is the glow on the face?

The glow on the face is shiny and white. It is a BB cream or a foundation that brightens the complexion. If you want to make the skin glowing and bright, you can choose to use medical beauty to improve the skin. The way of injecting water light needles can make the cells in the skin absorb sufficient moisture and nutrients, shrink the pores, and make the skin delicate and smooth.

The ingredient of water light needles is vitamin C, and there are also some nutrients that can stimulate the new ability of cell tissues, which can improve various skin problems such as rough and dull skin

The order of use of hbn luminous water and other skin care products?

1. The order of use of hbn luminous water and other skin care products is to use hbn luminous water first, and then use other skin care products. 2. This is because hbn luminous water is a special skin care product. It has unique effects, which can brighten skin tone, improve skin texture, etc. Therefore, in order to give full play to the effect of hbn luminous water, it should be used first. 3. In addition, using hbn luminous water before using other skin care products can provide a good foundation for the absorption of subsequent skin care products, so that the effect of other skin care products can be better exerted. Therefore, using skin care products in this order can achieve the best skin care effect.

Do you need to wipe water milk after using the Xiuri luminous bottle?

You need

1. The Xiuri luminous bottle is used after cleansing. Take an appropriate amount of essence and apply it to the palm of your hand.


Massage according to the method from the inside out and top down to help absorb, and then cooperate with daily repair and sunscreen products.


The Xiureke luminous bottle has improved black acne marks and reduced the repeated growth of acne.


It should be noted that when using the Xiureke luminous bottle, you first need to clean the facial skin, and then take an appropriate amount of the luminous bottle essence, generally two to three drops. Try to avoid the eyes when applying.

5. Finally, after the Xiureke luminous bottle is absorbed, apply the corresponding skin care products in turn.

6. The use of muscle bottom fluid can effectively repair the skin, and the use of Xiurike luminous bottle serum to replenish nutrients to the skin and improve skin problems. After completing the hydration steps, use the lotion to lock the moisture and nutrients on the surface of the skin, and finally use the essence cream to moisturize the skin, so that the skin care products on the skin can be better absorbed.

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