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Why do skin care products reflect light and surface tension when applied to the face?

Why does the face reflect light

skin care routine brighten dull

The face is always reflective, which is a manifestation of strong oil on the face and oily skin:

(1) The sebum secretion on the face is strong. In order to control oil, washing the face too many times stimulates the secretion of sebum on the face, which intensifies the amount of oil, and the skin is getting drier and drier.

(2) Washing your face with a facial cleanser in the morning and evening can clean up facial oil but cannot control the secretion of facial oil, because there is a lot of oil on the surface of oily skin, but in fact the skin is seriously dehydrated. After removing oil, only by hydrating the skin can we achieve the effect of oil control

(3) The static electricity of the computer dehydrates our skin, resulting in a vicious cycle of dry skin getting drier and oily skin getting oily.

(4) Often staying up late will affect endocrine metabolism, causing skin moisture loss, resulting in dull skin, excessive oil secretion, acne, etc.

(5) Many skin care products contain oily ingredients. If you have oily skin and often use oily cosmetics, it will increase the burden on the skin and make the skin secrete more oil.

Why is the face not greasy and reflective

It may be that the skin is extremely dehydrated or the epidermis is dry. Tight skin will make the skin inelastic, that is, it will cause no oily but reflective feeling. Oily on the face is the same reason as reflective but no oil, and one important similarity is lack of water.

1. Hydrating and moisturizing

By replenishing moisture for the skin, start from the outside and gradually penetrate into the bottom layer of the muscle, reduce oil secretion, maintain the skin’s water and oil balance, and improve the skin’s oil production.

2. Adjust diet

If you want to improve the skin, then the diet should also be adjusted, reduce the intake of fat and sugar, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplement vitamins, which is conducive to delaying skin aging.

3. Reduce the number of face washes

Wash your face no more than three times a day, and use a mild facial cleanser. If it is oily skin, you can add a little salt to the water basin when washing your face, which can remove the oil from our face.

4. Use alternating hot and cold water

Cleverly use the principle of “thermal expansion and contraction”. After washing the facial skin, use warm water to expand the pores of the skin, so as to achieve a deeper cleaning of the pores, and then use ice water to achieve the effect of shrinking the pores. Soak the prepared cotton pad into ice water and stick it on the large pores on the face, which can shrink the pores very well.

5. Arrange time reasonably

Try to develop a regular sleep time. If you really have to stay up late, you must do a good job of cleaning when you fall asleep, and do not go to bed with makeup. Do a hydrating mask before going to bed.

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