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Why do skin care products have bright stars?

The bright stars in skin care products may be due to the optical effects of certain ingredients in the product under light. These ingredients may include mica, mineral particles, etc., which may produce a shiny effect when applied to the skin. These ingredients are usually used in day products, so if you use this type of product at night, you may see bright stars on the skin. In addition, if you are using oily skin care products, the oil content is relatively high. After applying it to your hands, the skin texture will flash under the light, or it may be that the oil in the skin care products will reflect under the light. It is also possible that some ingredients have been added to skin care products to brighten the complexion, and these ingredients will show a shiny effect in light. In short, the bright stars in skin care products can be caused by a variety of factors, including ingredients, texture, light, etc. Different products may have different reasons for their bright star effect.

face shiny after skin care routine

Why does olay new beauty plastic gold pure cream have a shiny thing?

That shiny thing is a natural mineral ingredient – mica. Mica generally acts as a toner in skin care products and cosmetics. It will not be absorbed by the skin and will not cause a burden on the skin. Adding it to the olay new plastic cream can enhance the shiny vision of the cream, make the cream shiny, and also enhance the texture and touch of the skin. You can rinse it off with water or cleaning products when washing your face.

Note: Although the old version of the olay big red bottle contains mica ingredients, the latest version of the olay big red bottle no longer contains mica ingredients.

Do you need to use isolation before using the naked makeup cc stick?

To use isolation

The cc stick is a very convenient and easy-to-use product. Unlike foundation, it needs beauty blender to spread out. Its peculiar structure determines its ease of use.

Although cc stick is easy to use, it is also one of many concealer products. The order of use is no different from that of general foundation.

First of all, basic skin care is still necessary. For example, clean the face, apply a mask to moisturize, and then wash the face after the essence is absorbed. Basic skin care steps such as water milk, eye cream, and essence.

Secondly, apply a good barrier cream, choose the color of isolation according to your skin type, do a good job of protection, and lay the foundation for makeup removal.

Finally, after the previous skin care steps, the cc stick will shine, gently turn its bottom, then take less points on the face, and wipe it evenly with the sponge in front of the cc stick to play a concealer role. And the sponge head of the cc stick can be disassembled, which can be used to maintain hygiene and ensure facial comfort. After a simple base makeup, you can continue to apply makeup.

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