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Why do cosmetics use glass?

The composition of glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to chemically react with skin care products. In layman’s terms, it is to use glass bottles for skin care products, which are not easy to deteriorate

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2. Glass bottles have a sense of high-end. Businesses selling skin care products mainly market two concepts, appearance effect. Transparent glass bottles often convey a high-end feeling to consumers, and filling some transparent or colored skin care products looks good

What can small glass bottles be used for?

Small glass bottles can be used for many different purposes. The following are some common uses:

1. Storing food and seasonings: Small glass bottles are suitable for storing food and seasonings such as dry food, nuts, candy, preserves, spices, etc., which can keep them fresh and dry.

2. Making condiments and sauces: You can use small glass bottles to make homemade condiments, jams, pasta sauces, etc., which are convenient for preservation and use.

3. Containers and decorations: Small glass bottles can be re-decorated and used as decorations such as vases, candle holders, etc., and can also be used to make small object storage containers.

4. Home and Crafts DIY: Small glass bottles can be used to make various DIY handicrafts, such as sand painting bottles, full bottle colors, etc., which can be creative and decorate the home.

5. Personal Care Products: Small glass bottles can be used to store personal care products such as perfumes, essential oils, skin care products, cosmetics, etc., for easy portability and use.

6. Gift Packaging: Small glass bottles can be used as gift packaging containers, and candies, chocolates, trinkets, etc. can be beautifully packed into them.

These are just some common uses. In fact, you can use your imagination and make more use of small glass bottles according to your own creativity and needs.

Why choose transparent glass bottles for skin care products?

I prefer transparent bottles, such as drinking something, we prefer to intuitively see the items inside, the remaining state, color and texture, which will make us feel more at ease.

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