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Who is John Junior?

John Junior (JohannCarlFriedrichGauss) is a famous German mathematician, also known as Gauss, and Euler are known as the two superstars in the history of mathematics.

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John Junior (April 30, 1777 – February 23, 1855), born in Brunswick, died in Göttingen, one of the pioneers of the Göttingen School!

John Junior’s achievements are all over the field of mathematics, and he has made pioneering contributions in the fields of intrinsic geometry, number theory, hyperbolic geometry, differential geometry, hypergeometric series, complex analysis, and elliptic analysis. He pays great attention to the application of mathematics, and also focuses on mathematical methods in the study of astronomy, geodesy and magnetism.

Jordan’s full name in English?

Michael Jordan (February 17, 1963 -): A famous basketball player in NBA United States, known as “Trapeze”. He created an unenumerable record in his basketball career, and is recognized as the best basketball player in the world. He is also the first superstar in NBA history to have the title of “Athlete of the Century”. He promoted NBA to every corner of the world, becoming another unstoppable American culture outside Hollywood, he brought at least 10 billion revenue to the league, and turned Nike from a small company into a world-famous super giant. On March 19, 2010, the retired Michael Jordan’s successful personal profile Chinese translation: Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan Jordan (Cantonese) English name: Michael Jordan Full name: MichaelJeffreyJordan (Michael Jeffrey Jordan) Jordan in the game) Nickname: Jetman, basketball god, basketball god, helper (domestic fans’ favorite name) Joe boss/master zodiac sign: Rabbit constellation: Aquarius Blood type: B High school: Wilmington, North Carolina Laney High School University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Official height: 1. 98 meters/6 feet 6 inches Weight: 98 kg/216 pounds (185 pounds during physical testing, 216 pounds is the weight that later gained weight) Item: On the basketball court Position: Shooting guard Number: 23, 45 (95 comeback was briefly worn), 9 (national team), 5 (first time to participate in the Olympic Games), 12 (jersey was stolen, temporarily found jersey, but did not memorize, scored 49 points that night.) Team: Chicago Bulls (1984-1993, 1995-1998), Washington Wizards (2001-03) Draft: 1984 1st round 3rd overall evaluation: Considered the greatest player in the history of American professional basketball, known as the god wearing the No. 23 jersey. Career Picture Award (20 photos) Acquired NBA Charlotte Bobcats and became the owner of the Bobcats.

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