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Which version is Lancome Pure Eye Cream 40s?

Lancome 40s refers to 2019, which represents the production date of Lancome products, and whether the products have expired is calculated according to the shelf life of different products. S represents the year, K, L, M, N, P, R, and S represent 2013-2019 respectively, and so on.

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When saving skin care products, you should pay attention to the storage environment of skin care products. It is best to put them in a cool and ventilated place to avoid product deterioration caused by direct sunlight.

The difference between interwoven fragrant cloud yarn and fragrant cloud yarn?

The difference between interwoven fragrant cloud yarn and silk fragrant cloud yarn

1. Material:

(1). Interwoven fragrant cloud yarn: yarn and silk, the bottom is silk or silk and cotton, after a fabric dyeing process.

(2), silk fragrant cloud yarn: silk material, refers to the raw material is silk.

2. Type:

(1), interwoven fragrant cloud yarn: material fragrant cloud yarn.

(2), silk fragrant cloud yarn:

The varieties of silk fabrics are divided into 14 categories and 43 sub-categories. There are roughly electric spinning, taffeta, double crepe, heavy crepe, smooth crepe, George, Kogan yarn, double Joe, heavy Joe, brocade, mulberry satin, plain crepe satin, elastic plain crepe satin, warp knitting and other categories.

3. Attributes:

(1). Interwoven fragrant cloud yarn:

is the only silk fabric dyed with pure vegetable dyes in the world’s textiles. The yarn production process is unique, the quantity is rare, the production time is long, and it has the characteristics of cool and pleasant, light and soft, quick-drying in contact with water, not easy to wrinkle, rich body bones, sterilization, deworming, and health care for the skin

(2). Silk fragrant cloud yarn:

Soft luster, with pearl-like luster; soft, smooth, thick, plump, and excellent elasticity; has good moisture absorption and breathability, and has skin care and health care effects; silk is more delicate Tender and should be carefully cared for to avoid gravity friction and twisting or hard dragging in rough areas.

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