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Which step is the best to use for eye cream?

01 The correct method of eye cream The first step

best eye cream for skin care routine

The use of eye cream should of course be carried out after cleansing the face. After washing the face, squeeze out the mung bean-sized eye cream, rub the eye cream with your fingers, the purpose is to make it higher temperature, which will be more conducive to absorption.

02 The correct method of eye cream The second step

Press the eye cream evenly on the skin around the eyes, and apply it along the eyes like playing a piano. Remember not to ignore the details, and focus on the lower eye sockets and the end of the eyes to the temples.

03 Correct Method of Eye Cream Step 3

After applying the eye cream evenly, start massaging the eye cream. Massage under the eyes first, and gently press the eye skin from the eye to the end of the eye, so that the eye cream can stretch the skin. Gentle movements are very important, and the same is true above the eyes. Gently press from the inside out to allow the eye cream to be absorbed.

04 Correct Method of Eye Cream Step 4

Press the skin below the brow with the pulp of the middle finger, which can promote blood circulation and make the eyes feel very comfortable. Then press the eye socket down and then from the inside out, so that the eyes can fully enjoy moisturizing.

05 The correct method of eye cream Step 5

Finally, use the fingertips of the middle finger to gently press the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose, just on both sides of the nose. Massage in this part can speed up blood circulation, and it has obvious improvement for dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles.

How to use the eye cream of the plant doctor?

1. First, take two eye creams the same size as rice and point them on the upper and lower eyelids respectively. There is a reason for this. You can’t use too much eye cream.

2. Then use the pulp of the ring finger to massage and push it away from the inside to the outside.

3. Then take advantage of the time when the eye cream has not been fully absorbed, lift it up a little.

4. Gently tap the eye area with two fingers and massage.

5. Finally, you can warm your palm a little, and then cover it on your eyes to speed up the absorption of the eye cream.

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