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Which smart scale can receive information remotely?

Smart scales are usually equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi function, which can transmit measurement results to a mobile phone or computer. For smart scales that support Internet connection, users can receive data remotely through their mobile phone or computer to view measurement trends, health suggestions and data reports.

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In addition, some smart scales are equipped with cloud services, which can help users synchronize data to different devices and provide more personalized health management suggestions. In short, the remote connection function of smart scales can better help users understand their own body data and further improve the effect of health management.

What does Taixiang Health Company do?

TalyxinHealth is a health technology company headquartered in China. The company focuses on the research and development and provision of health management solutions and services aimed at helping individuals and organizations achieve healthy living and comprehensive health management.

TalyxinHealth’s products and services include but are not limited to the following:

1. Health Management Platform: The company provides a health management platform to provide individuals and enterprises with functions such as health record management, health assessment and monitoring, health consultation and guidance.

2. Health data analytics and AI technology: The company uses big data analytics and artificial intelligence technology to analyze and interpret personal health data to provide users with personalized health assessments and suggestions.

3. Health detection equipment: Taixiang Health provides a series of health monitoring equipment, such as smart bracelets, smart scales, etc., which can help users track and monitor their health status.

4. Health consultation and telemedicine: The company provides health consultation and telemedicine services. Through the online platform, users can consult doctors and obtain professional medical advice and guidance.

Overall, Taixiang Health is committed to integrating health management resources and technologies, providing personalized health management solutions to help users better manage and improve their health.

How to use the Drug Genie remote electronic prescription platform?

1. Step 1: When someone comes to buy medicine, the pharmacy can check the online doctor and register for treatment through the Drug Genie.

2. Step 2: Patients who come to buy medicine can communicate with the doctor remotely via video. The patient’s condition can be further diagnosed.

3. Step 3: The pharmacy attendant enters the patient’s name, gender, age, height, weight, address, phone number, allergy history, disease status, and preliminary diagnosis in the prescription label, and can recommend the use of drugs to form a preliminary prescription. The doctor can review and modify the itinerary according to the prescription recommended by the pharmacy attendant. Formal prescription.

4. Step 4: The pharmacy can inquire and manage the patient information and prescription information of our store. The pharmacy person sells drugs with the electronic prescription issued by the doctor.

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