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Which skin care products have a green tea series?

“The green tea series of fragrances includes: Green Tea Tropical Perfume (Tropical Fruit), Green Tea Green Lotus Perfume (Elegant, Simple, Exotic), Green Tea Perfume (Fresh Herbal Fragrance), Green Tea Vitality Fragrance (Pastoral Moss Fragrance); Body Care Products: Green Tea Exfoliating Cream, Green Tea Mutang Honey Drop Soothing Cream, Green Tea Vitality Nourishing Body Wash, Green Tea Vitality Rejuvenating Exfoliating Cream, Green Tea Vitality Hand and Foot Rejuvenating Cream, Green Tea Vitality Hand and Foot Care Cream, Green Tea Vitality Moisturizing Essence Lotion”.

skin care routine green tea

Yue Shifeng Yin, Green Tea Set Skin Care Steps?

Skin care steps: softening water, lotion, cream The small bottle in the picture is a sample, and it is the same as the dress. Makeup steps: facial cleanser, softening water, lotion, no cream

Green tea antioxidant ranking?

Green tea antioxidant

In fat loss and in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, everyone generally thinks of green tea first, but they don’t know that in fact, the antioxidant function of green tea is also very powerful. Women who often drink green tea say that after drinking green tea, it will play a good role in beauty and skin care. By using the antioxidant function of green tea to eliminate free radicals, the skin can also become firmer.

Black tea antioxidant

The rich aroma of black tea makes people love and hate black tea. Although people who don’t like drinking strong tea will dislike black tea, it cannot be denied that the antioxidant function of black tea is very powerful, because black tea can make full use of the black tea yeast to replenish the lipids of the skin tissue. These lipids can replenish collagen to the skin tissue damaged by ultraviolet rays or external conditions. In addition to repairing skin elasticity, it can also make the skin oily and shiny.

What are the teas with the strongest antioxidant function

White tea antioxidant

Tea such as its function, the antioxidant function that white tea can play, not only in white tea can play the effect and role of nourishing the skin, white tea uses natural active nutrients, but also can gradually improve the problem of dull skin and pigmentation, gradually restore your white and tender skin, and use the polyphenols in white tea to bring a more fresh and translucent feeling to the skin.

The tea with the strongest antioxidant function has not been specified which one, everyone can choose to drink it in moderation according to their own preferences.

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