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Which skin care products can be used in pharmacies with a medical insurance card?

The medical insurance card cannot be purchased in pharmacies. If we want to buy it in pharmacies, only some protect the skin and prevent the skin from cracking or allergies. Some medical maintenance skin care products can be applied. For example, our skin in winter is prone to cracking, so we can buy a little urea cream, but other beauty products do not have skin care products.

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What are the cosmetics sold in pharmacies?

Winona, Yuze, Weizi, Lifuquan, Avon and Yiquan Yuze belong to Shanghai Jiahua. They are all regular manufacturers and will not be harmful. These cosmeceutical brands are relatively early brands to enter China. They do not contain pigments, fragrances, preservatives or even surfactants, and the content of active ingredients is high, highly targeted and effective. So now the brands sold in pharmacies are more popular with women.

Which is the best skin care product in pharmacy?

Correction Pharmaceutical’s recent advertisements are well done.

What easy skin care products can be swiped in pharmacies with a medical insurance card?

Medical insurance cards can usually only be used to purchase healthcare-related drugs and services at cooperative medical institutions and designated pharmacies. Generally speaking, medical masks are not covered by medical insurance, so it may not be accepted to use medical insurance cards to buy medical masks at general pharmacies.

It should be noted that medical insurance policies and regulations in different regions may vary slightly, so you need to consult the local medical insurance institution or pharmacy for accurate information. You can call the customer service hotline of the local medical insurance institution or pharmacy for consultation, or check the relevant policies and regulations on their official website.

What are the specific brands of pharmacy cosmetics?

As far as I know, there are two brands of domestic skin care products that the doctor in the dermatology department of tier 1 hospital will prescribe to you: Winona and Yuze. Yuze belongs to Shanghai Jahwa, and they are all regular manufacturers and will not be harmful. You can go to the hospital to prescribe it, or you can buy it in the Tmall flagship store. The doctor’s prescription may be more expensive

Skin care products hidden in the pharmacy?

Vitamin E cream and Chunjuan Astragalus cream. The texture of vitamin E cream is between lotion and cream, which can be easily absorbed by the skin. Vitamin E can whiten the skin and moisturize the skin. The composition of astragalus in Chunjuan Astragalus cream reaches 30%, which can improve the symptoms of dry skin

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