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Which skin care products are suitable for around 20 years old, hormone-free?

Skin care products have now become a must-have for people’s daily lives, and hormone-free types are becoming more and more popular among a wide variety of skin care products!

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Hormone-free skin care products suitable for 20 years old are as follows:

1. Olay ProX Muscle Source Serum

Olay’s skin care products are very popular. This brand is also an old brand. The quality and reputation are excellent. Olay’s ProX Muscle Source Serum is also called Apple Muscle Serum, nicknamed Little White Bottle. The ingredients are nicotinamide and polypeptide. The emulsion-like texture is a little thin and has a light taste. This serum has the functions of whitening and increasing collagen and anti-aging. It has good ductility and absorption. The ingredients are safe and natural without hormones. Anyone can use it.

2. Baiqingling Hydrating and Pure Energy Element Cream

Baiqingling is an old domestic brand, and the product is very guaranteed. Baiqingling’s Hydrating and Pure Energy Element Cream has added herbal energy elements. As long as the effect is to replenish water and resist wrinkles, it can solve problems such as dry and dehydrated skin and fine lines. This cream can make the skin better and better, and it does not contain hormones. Sensitive skin can also be used, but friends with oily skin will be a little greasy to use.

3. Pien Tsai Huang Pearl Cream

Pien Tsai Huang is a famous old brand in domestic products, which has been very popular for a long time. Pien Tsai Huang’s pearl cream has a special ingredient added to it, containing the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and sunscreen factors. Traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of gentle skin and relieving skin pressure. This Pien Tsai Huang Pearl Cream can maintain the skin and is very suitable for people with bad skin. And the ingredients are naturally hormone-free, suitable for everyone.

4. Wenjing Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

Wenjing Amino Acid Facial Cleanser has won gold awards from many skin care magazines. It is said that the raw materials are from first-line big-name suppliers, but the price is very cost-effective. It can be said that the cost performance is very high. It is also a hormone-free skin care product. This facial cleanser is very clean, and the skin is very comfortable and will not be tight after washing. And it can also hydrate the skin. More importantly, it is gentle and will not irritate the skin. It can be used on sensitive skin and acne skin.

5. STYLENARA Horse Oil Nourishing Mask

STYLENARA is a hormone-free skin care brand. This brand of horse oil nourishing mask uses all plant extracts, which can repair the skin well and make the skin healthier. This mask feels very good to use, the moisturizing effect is very good, and all alcohol and hormones are eliminated, so that your skin will not be irritated.

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