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Which series is Sephora Soothing Cleanser?

Sephora Soothing Cleanser belongs to the “Skin Care Series” of the Sephora brand. It is a cleansing product for sensitive skin. It uses a gentle formula and does not contain soap bases and irritating ingredients, which can effectively cleanse the skin and relieve the symptoms of sensitive skin.

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This product contains grape seed extract and aloe vera extract, which has antioxidant and moisturizing effects, which can effectively moisturize the skin, brighten the complexion, and make the skin more refreshing and hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for people with thin and tender skin and prone to allergies.

The advantages and disadvantages of Sephora plain cream?

Plain cream is actually a toning cream and brightening cream. Although there is no clear definition of plain cream in China, just the word “plain face” is enough for consumers to have a great imagination. In addition to the general moisturizing ingredients and moisturizing skin care ingredients in plain face cream, the most important whitening ingredient is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide can cause certain damage to the skin. Titanium dioxide does have a sunscreen effect, but it needs to be applied with a layer of titanium dioxide as thick as flour to have a sunscreen effect. In this way, the makeup after applying makeup feels like a batter, which is extremely unnatural and pale. Many businesses change ordinary titanium dioxide to nano-sized titanium dioxide in order to prevent excessive makeup. At the same time, nano-sized titanium dioxide basically does not have the effect of blocking light because it is too small, and instead absorbs ultraviolet rays.

What is the relationship between Sephora and Armani?

Sephora is a very large cosmetics centralized specialty store. The price is not cheap, but there are more activities. One-stop purchasing customers is very convenient. You can also buy foreign sephora online. Some cosmetics or skin care have special products for it

Sephora also has its own unique brand. The price is relatively cheap, and the quality is also OK

But the grade is higher than sasa, not only in terms of scale and the overall company system, but also in its own products. After all, some products of sasa are of unknown origin, and the prices are also different

Good products sold abroad. There are no counters in China, but there are counters in Sephora that can be bought. It mainly retails medium and high-end cosmetics. This is not the case. For example, collistar, there are many exclusive sales

Sephora’s own – including makeup, as well as body care series of fragrances – Kenzo, CK, Armani, Dior, Chanel, MarcJacobs, Guerlain, moschino, Burberry, Harajuku Doll. L’Oreal, forbeloveD. O. e, makeupforever, benefit, Guerlain, Givenchy, Lancôme, Clinique, Anna Sue, Avonlea, Clarins, Gauss, Laneige, MENERD, L’Occitane, TALIKA

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