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Which program should be used first for a set of cosmetics?

One set of cosmetic procedures:

what type of skin care routine should i use

1. Makeup remover (water, milk, cream) Three texture products are selected according to the skin condition

2. Cleansing (cream, milk) Two texture products are selected according to the skin condition. Cleansing with amino acid ingredients is recommended.

4. Mask

3. Water (essence water, toner) Two texture products are selected according to the skin condition

4. Lotion

5. Eye cream (gel, milk, cream) Three texture products are selected according to the skin condition. According to the different products, some eye cream products are used after the cream.

6. Face cream

What is the correct skin care and makeup routine?

Different people, different times, and different occasions have different requirements for makeup.

Our makeup generally starts in the morning. If you are an office worker, because time is in a hurry, skin care may be in a hurry and many skin problems will occur.

We should do this when taking care of our skin in the morning,

1 wash your face, 2 lotions, 3 apply essence, 4 creams, and finally sunscreen.

Let’s learn about the Skin Care Mini Program together.

In the morning, the correct steps for skin care

1. Washing your face is really important to clean your skin. After sleeping all night, the skin will secrete some oil through the epidermis, and some metabolic wastes must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it is easy to form acne, and it is also easy for the skin to fail to absorb skin care products.

2. Lotion, after cleansing, we can use toner (or lotion) to pat the facial skin on the face, and perform a point-and-shoot massage for about 2 minutes until absorbed, which can effectively converge pores and moisturize the skin for the second time. If time permits, you can use lotion to wet compress. Of course, for sensitive skin, you can also use moisturizing lotion to wipe your face.

3. Essence milk. Next, if time permits, you can use the essence milk to gently apply to the face. For nasolabial folds, fine lines, and spots on the face, you can use different essences to apply. Generally, the essence takes about 3 minutes to apply and can be absorbed by the skin.

4. Cream, use the cream to rub it warmly in the palm of your hand, so that the cream is filled with the soft heat of the palm, and then pay attention to pressing the cream on the palm to the face, and use the palm temperature to massage the face in time, which can help the cream fit the skin well and evenly, making the skin delicate and soft.

5. Sunscreen, apply a layer of sunscreen cream 20 minutes before departure, and the morning skin care work is done.

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