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Which kind of cat food is good for not losing hair?

No kind of cat food will absolutely prevent hair loss. You can choose natural food. Eat snow-capped mountains, and natural food does not add any artificial colors or additives. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

purina pro plan weight management dry cat food

Cheap cat food will make the taste saltier in order to catch customers, so that after cats are used to this kind of cat food, the taste will become heavier and heavier, and they will no longer eat other brands of cat food. The consequence of this is that cats are prone to hair loss. It is better to choose regular brand cat food, but correspondingly, the price will be more expensive.

How to choose high-quality dry feed for cats?

First of all, cat lovers should be clear that the nutritional needs of cats and dogs in food are different. Although dogs and cats are carnivores, dogs have enzymes that cats do not have, and the digestive tract can metabolize and absorb vitamin A on its own. However, for cats, vitamin A and taurine are essential nutrients. You will find that taurine is added to cat food, which is also an element not found in dog food, and vegetables do not have these two nutrients. Therefore, a vegetarian diet is not suitable for cats. Cats who eat food that lacks taurine for a long time can cause blindness or heart disease. However, it takes a long time for cat owners to realize this problem, because cats stay indoors for a long time, even if their vision decreases, it will not affect indoor activities. This illusion is often ignored by everyone.

When a cat behaves strangely, it may often be considered a behavioral variation problem of the cat, while ignoring the behavioral problems that may also be caused by an unhealthy diet. Therefore, qualified cat owners should give cats basic and necessary food nutrition intake, do not use dog food instead of cat food, and recommend regular replacement of different brands of cat food.

New buyers of natural food for the first time should know:

For the basics of purchasing imported natural food for the first time, the sales volume of imported natural food is small and the market share is negligible.

Some people will ask when buying dry food, why is the color of the particles I bought this time darker or lighter than last time, and the particles are thick or thin?

This involves puffing knowledge. Cat food belongs to boride and potato chips and biscuits are a bit similar in meaning, but because cat food contains a lot of meat, it is impossible to perfectly control the puffed shape like starch. You can’t make two potato chips of the same shape have exactly the same shape after frying. It is normal for different batches of dry food to have a slight difference in taste and granules. This is related to the selection of raw materials by the manufacturer. Each chicken is not the same freshness, and each apple is not the same sweetness. Therefore, it is normal for these dry foods to have some errors. If your cat eats a pack of cat food, there may be differences in taste if this pack is not eaten, which does not mean that your cat does not eat it.

Secondly, when buying dry food or canned food, you should start with the palatability. It is not the most expensive or the highest protein that is the best, nor does it have to be grain-free. You should choose the food that suits your cat according to the specific situation of your cat. If a friend’s cat is suitable, it may not be suitable for your home. It is not to say that your cat does not eat this food or has diarrhea. You will think that you have bought fake cat food, just like some people are allergic to seafood. You cannot simply use this to evaluate whether cat food is good or bad, but whether it is suitable or not.

In addition, imported cat food will be replaced with new packaging from time to time, or the shape of the particles will be changed. (Speaking of which, I would like to suggest that you read WDJ’s recommendation to buy dry food. You should change different brands of dry food regularly, rather than eating fixed brands.), please don’t say that what I bought three years ago is not like this. I think cat food is fake. Also, dry food imported from Taiwan and HK will be labeled with different Chinese stickers, but some may not have stickers. It just represents different agents. It doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the food you buy. To see an imported dry food, you should look at the English on the original packaging, not the Chinese stickers attached later. There are only a small number of traditional Chinese stickers on the original packaging of the really imported products, and some even do not stick them. If, as a customer, you are particularly obsessed with which region the agent is in, please inform the seller before buying.

There is also the quality of cat food, which cannot be seen from the naked eye. Generally speaking, the higher the meat content of cat dry food, the darker it will be, and it will be easier to crush and oil; the lower the meat content, the more yellow it will be, and the higher the meat content, the darker it will be, and some imported cat dry food or canned food generally only has a shelf life, and some will also have a production date.

I have been learning what is the best and most suitable cat food, learning the combination of scientific nutrition, and stipulating the ratio of dry food and canned food for cats and dogs at home on a regular basis. For example, according to their weight and physical health, my cats are now mainly eating canned food, supplemented by dry food. At present, the cans they like to eat include ALMONATURE in Europe, ALMONATURE in NaturalBalance in the United States, and WELLNESS cans in the United States. Purina MonPetit Supreme and Gold, Taiwan Bay Cherish Functional Soup Cans, etc.

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