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Which is better, the international version and the domestic version of Skin C Milk?

The domestic version of Skin C Milk is better.

skin care routine with cerave and the ordinary

Skin C Milk is also called cerave. Its products are sold on major domestic e-commerce platforms. It is a veritable Internet celebrity wash product at present. Skin care products include facial cleanser, face cream, skin care products and other categories.

The ingredients are safe, no fragrances, no bad ingredients for pregnant women, and an added preservative is also within the acceptable range. The addition of ceramide ingredients can improve the unstable state of the skin. The function focuses on moisturizing and repairing, soothing and useful, but it will not aggravate its own bad conditions. Shi Le Skin’s C cream is very suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It contains ceramides and vitamin E, which have strong repair ability. If you insist on using it, there will be obvious improvement.

How to use Shi Le Skin C milk?

The official introduction of Shi Le Skin C milk is that its effect is to repair the skin, soothe and moisturize the skin, can improve the skin peeling, dryness, roughness and tightness, sensitive redness and other problems, can strongly lock in the skin moisture, moisturize the texture, and will not be greasy when used. It can make the skin bright and shiny without irritating the skin.

Skin C milk can wipe the face. Many people think it has a large capacity and moisturizes, so it is used to apply to the body, but in fact it can be used to apply to the face. Some people think that using it to apply to the face is a little too moisturizing and will produce oil. This may be because personal skin types are not suitable for moisturizing lotions. For oily skin types, it is recommended to use refreshing and oil-controlling skin care products. Skin C milk is a moisturizing and moisturizing skin care product, which is more suitable for people with dry skin.

Everyone should pay attention to the shelf life of skin care products when purchasing and using Skin C milk. Generally, unopened skin care products can be stored for 3 years, and the storage time after opening is about one year.

What is the reason why skin care products smell pungent and can still be used?

Cosmetics If they smell pungent, it means they are shoddy or deteriorated products. It is best not to use them.

Suggestions: The smell of high-quality cosmetics is some elegant, some strong, but they are all very pure. Take a little makeup and gently apply it to the skin. If it can be evenly and firmly attached to the skin and has a smooth and comfortable feeling, it should be a good product.

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