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Which country is the Tilting Age Fine Pore Jingche Cherry Blossom Mud Mask?

Tilting Age Fine Pore Jingche Cherry Blossom Mud Mask is a skin care product in Korea. Very easy to use.

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Tilting Age Deep, Clear and Detailed White Mud Mask Deep Cleans to remove blackheads and dirt without pulling dry Apply type cleaning mud. This mud film has high moisturization, absorbs quickly, is not sticky, has very good ductility, and has a good hydrating effect. It is suitable for dry weather and keeps the skin hydrated.

34 years old What brand of cosmetics do you use for large pores on your face and wrinkles at the corners of your eyes?

1. Estee Lauder Lipid Rejuvenating Lotion: Improves large pores, refreshing and non-greasy. The Lipid Rejuvenating Series is a product customized for oily skin, containing a variety of oil control ingredients, anti-irritant ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, and a mixture of lemon vanilla, cucumber and lotus extracts. After use, the skin will feel refreshed and cleansed like never before, but the most important moisture will not be lost at all.

2. Xuanzhi snail stock solution essence: This natural snail stock solution essence from the old Yellow River in Henan, China has supplied snail raw materials for big brands such as South Korea and France for more than ten years. It is the origin of the real natural snail stock solution. The natural snail stock solution whitens and hydrates, repairs damaged skin, shrinks pores, and is known as the skin care golden liquid.

What brand is drhm?

drhm is a skin care product of a well-known skin care and beauty brand in Korea.

Since its establishment, the Hyun Ya Shili brand has been committed to effective, safe and reliable Product Research

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