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Which country does Jetsu belong to?

Jetsu belongs to Kazakhstan.

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At 13:30 am on July 18, 2015, the X9401A freight train, which is composed of 41 carriages and loaded with more than 230 tons of “made in China” steel structural frames, left Kuitun Railway Station in Xinjiang, and will pass through the Alashankou Port and head towards Jetsu, Kazakhstan. The whole journey is about 1100 kilometers. This train is the first westbound train from Kuitun, China to Jetsu, Kazakhstan, marking the addition of another international transportation route made in China.

Harland weight?


Alf-IngeHaaland was born on November 23, 1972 in Stavanger, Norway. He is a former professional footballer in Norway. He served as a midfielder in his career. He played for Nottingham Forest Football Club in England, Leeds United Football Club, and Manchester City Football Club.

What is Harland’s weight and height?

Harland’s weight is 87 kilograms and his height is 194 cm.

Erling Harland was born in Leeds, England on July 21, 2000. He holds dual Norwegian and British citizenship. He is a Norwegian professional footballer and a striker. He currently plays for Manchester City Football Club in the English Premier League.

Harland debuted at the youth training camp of Brunes Football Club in Norway. In February 2017, Harland joined Molde Football Club. In January 2019, Harland joined Red Bull Salzburg Football Club; in December, Harland joined Dortmund Football Club. In June 2022, Harland joined Manchester City Football Club.

Who is the goalkeeper of Brazil’s World Cup in Qatar?

Allison’s main goalkeepers

2022 World Cup Brazil List

Goalkeepers: 1 – Allison (30/Liverpool), 12 – Waverton (34/Palmeiras), 23 – Adelson (29/Manchester City)

Fullbacks: 2 – Danilo (31/Juventus), 13 – Alves (39/Cougars), 16 – Telles (29/Sevilla), 6 – Sandro (31/Juventus)

Centre-backs: 3 – Thiago Silva (38) /Chelsea), 4-Marquinios (28/Paris), 14-Militang (24/Real Madrid), 24-Bremer (25/Juventus)

Midfield: 5-Casemiro (30/Manchester United), 7-Paquita (25/West Ham), 8-Fred (29/Manchester United), 15-Fabinho (29/Liverpool), 17-Guimaraes (24/Newcastle), 22-Ribeiro (33/Flamengo)

Forwards: 10-Neymar (30/Paris), 9-Richardlison ( 25 years old/Tottenham), 11-Rafinha (25 years old/Barcelona), 18-Jesus (25 years old/Arsenal), 19-Anthony (22 years old/Manchester United), 20-Vinicius (22 years old/Real Madrid), 21-Rodrigo (21 years old/Real Madrid), 25-Pedro (25 years old/Flamengo), 26-Martinelli (21 years old/Arsenal)

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