Weight management

Which brand of scale has the highest accuracy rate?

OMRON Because OMRON is a company specializing in the production of medical apparatus, its scale adopts advanced sensing technology and algorithms, with high accuracy and good stability, and has undergone strict quality control and certification. In addition, OMRON’s scale also has multiple functions, such as body composition analysis and user body data management, etc. It is a cost-effective scale brand. It is worth mentioning that although OMRON scales are more accurate, weight is only one aspect of physical health. It is recommended to pay attention to various physical indicators at ordinary times to maintain health.

board certified specialist in weight management

Information on RTA Zhu Yuanbing?

Zhu Yuanbing

English name: Ryan

Nickname: Bing Ge, A Bing, Nerd, Yuanbing, Pearl Round Jade Cake, Bingbing, Zhu Zhu

Date of birth: 1995.1 11

Zodiac: Dog

Constellation: Capricorn

Blood Type: O

Place of Origin: Shanghai Zhu Yuanbing Nationality: Han

Height: 176CM

Weight: 57kg

Shoe Size: 43

Language: Mandarin Shanghai English

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, B-box Photography, Basketball, Sleeping

Personality: Dual personality, steady, often thinking a lot, some slow heat, but like to make friends, almost crazy when lively

Pet: Kitten Kuro Hamsters

Fans call themselves Rock Sugar

Cities they have visited: Beijing, Changsha, Hainan, Tokyo

Cities they have lived in: Shanghai

Favorite people: Bigbang-Taeyang

Favorite city: Singapore

Favorite food: Curry

Favorite color: Purple, pink, black

Favorite places to go: dance halls

Favorite idols: Bigbang-Taeyang, Luo Zhixiang

Favorite singers: Lin Youjia

Favorite Favorite Band: Mayday

Favorite Star: LeBron RaymoneJames

Favorite Sports: Basketball Badminton Jumping Rope

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Movie: “Dance Out of My Life” “The Little Thing About First Love”

Favorite Record: “Weddingdress”

Favorite Part of Yourself: Eyes

Favorite Catchphrase: “No” “Ouch, this” “You Know”

Currently Biggest Wish: Share the stage with idols and open a pub with good friends

Star Road History:

2005 Shanghai “Wenguang Cup” National Ballroom Dance, Social Dance Open Competition First Prize in the Primary School Group

2007 “Liubo Cup” Shanghai Sports Dance Competition Latin Dance Single Under 16 Group First Prize

2008 National Chinese Proficiency Competition for Middle School Students National Third Prize

2008 Hundred Schools “Meininda” Cup Shanghai Youth TV Program Creation Competition Second Prize for Improvisation

2008 School Art Festival Street Dance Performance was named the most popular program

2008 British International Classroom Dance Association (IDTA) certified by the gold medal level of the Latin dance children’s group

2006-2009 junior high school three good students, outstanding cadres

2009 “Happy Summer Vacation” Shanghai Youth Photography Creation Competition Junior High School Group First Prize

2009 “Slant Soil Nanyang Cup” Shanghai Youth TV News Competition Junior High School Group First Prize

2009 “Bailian Xijiao Cup” Youth Photography Forum Speech Competition First Prize

2010 11th National Primary and Secondary School Students Computer Painting Works First Prize

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