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Which brand of bmi scale is good?

Regarding the brand recommendations of BMI scale, the following are some of the more well-known brands: 1. OMRON: OMRON is a well-known medical equipment manufacturer. Its BMI scale is highly accurate and fully functional, and is often recommended by people. 2. Withings: The BMI scale produced by Withings is sleek in design and advanced in function, and can be connected to a mobile phone app for data tracking and analysis. 3. Fitbit: Fitbit is a health and fitness tracker brand. Its BMI scale has high accuracy and intuitive data display, and can be connected with other Fitbit devices. 4. Tanita: Tanita is a company specializing in the production of scales. Its BMI scale is multi-functional and highly accurate, and is deeply loved by weight managers. 5. Xiaomi: Xiaomi is known for providing cost-effective products. Its BMI scale is moderately priced and fully functional. These brands have good reputation and market recognition. The specific choice can be considered according to individual needs and budget.

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What brand of scale is the most durable?

Electronic scale brand in 2016: Heshi scale sells a lot, has a lot of moisture, and the quality is relatively average.

Haier is a well-known brand of household appliances. It just started making scales not long ago, and the price is relatively cheap. Qianxuan, Pinao price is also relatively low, and the quality is better than the previous one. Light and floating is the cheapest, and the quality and service are relatively low. There are still many scales on the Internet, you can choose by yourself.

Which brand of electronic scale is of good quality?

The brand of electronic scale in 2016:

1. Higher scales: Omron, Tsinghua Tongfang, Xiaomi, Yunmai, Youpin, Lexin, etc.

The scales of Omron and Tsinghua Tongfang, especially the price of body fat rate scales, are at the high-end level. Yunmai, Youpin, Lexinyou scales and body fat scales are more fashionable and generous in style (Yunmai is light, Youpin Magic scales, etc.). However, the current technical level of body fat scales cannot be accurately measured. It is recommended to buy ordinary scales. Xiaomi is a brand that everyone is familiar with. There is only one white round scale. After all, Xiaomi is not a merchant specializing in scales, and shipping is added to the price. You can buy it at various flagship stores.

2. Medium-level scales: Xiangshan, Yunkangbao, Little Raccoon, Weight Elf, etc.

Xiangshan is an old brand in China. The scale is good, but after-sales services did not keep up. Yunkangbao is a new brand, and the grid is relatively high, because it has not been used and does not evaluate. The price of Little Raccoon is lower, and the general electronic scale has a good user evaluation accuracy. The scale of Weight Elf is also very good, suitable for ordinary families to buy, and there is also a body scale that is very interesting. There are several stores with good service online, such as Hao Ge Scale, Weight Elf Flagship Store, etc.

3. Low-priced scales: Heshi, Haier, Light Piao, Thousand Choices, Pinao, etc.

Heshi scales sell a lot, and there is also a lot of moisture, and the quality is relatively average. Haier is a well-known brand of household appliances. It has just started making scales, and the price is relatively cheap. Thousand Choices, Pinao prices are also relatively low, and the quality is better than the previous ones. Light Piao is the cheapest, and the quality and service are relatively low. There are also many scales online, you can choose by yourself.

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