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Which brand of anti-aging skin care products is good??

Anti-aging skin care brands:

skin care routine age defying

OLAY, French Lancome, Peckling, Estee Lauder, Ostee Man, Whoo Hou, LAMER Sea Blue Mystery, Deco, L’Oreal, SK-II, etc.

Ways to prevent aging:

1. Do a good job of sun protection

Delay aging and avoid sun exposure – when the skin is exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, it will destroy the skin’s moisturizing function, dry the skin, produce fine lines, and more seriously, it will become pigmented skin cancer. Therefore, sun protection is not only sun protection, but also sun protection.

2. Keep moving

Life lies in exercise. This is an unbreakable truth. Good metabolism and the right proportion of muscle fat can keep your figure and skin in peak condition for longer. Recent studies by scholars from the University of Birmingham and King’s College London in the United Kingdom have found that maintaining enough intensity of exercise can keep your body young.

3. Expression management

The impact of expression on the skin is huge! Controlling expression is not to make people sad or unhappy. The necessary emotional expression is understandable, but it is necessary to avoid repetitive and exaggerated facial expressions. Remember that when you make a facial expression, you are also contracting the muscles under the skin, and the contracted muscles are also squeezing the skin of the face.

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