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Where is Love?

“Where is Love” is a Korean TV drama. The male lead of the drama is Lee Min-ho and the female lead is Sun Yizhen.

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1. Lee Min-ho: In the drama, he plays Kim Tae-kyung, a talented composer with a charming appearance and talent. However, he is withdrawn, arrogant, and skeptical of love. After meeting the heroine, he gradually learns to care for others, and finally harvests love.

2. Sun Ye-jin: In the drama, she plays Jin Joo-yeon, a dynamic, passionate, and sincere musician. She loves music and has a beautiful voice that heals people’s hearts. In the play, she starts a romantic love story with Kim Tae-kyung, played by Lee Min-ho.

This TV series tells a story about love, music and growth. Through the common interest of music, the male and female protagonists gradually get closer to each other, resolve the obstacles in their hearts, and finally find true love.

The ending song of “Millennium Fox” in 2007?

“Fox Rain” Composer: Miki Youqian/Lyrics: Miki Youqian Download address: http://www.sonyejin.org/upload/audio/yeuwoobiost/01.mp3

Pirate heroine?

The heroine of the pirate is Sun Yejin

Sun Yejin (January 11, 1982), actor.

Acting experience

In 2000, Sun Yejin made her debut on the big screen with the fantasy suspense “Secret”. In 2001, she starred in the romantic drama “Two Sisters” and won the MBC Drama Awards for New Actress. In 2002, she starred in “Love Left and Love Right” and won the Best New Actress Award at the 22nd Korean Film Critics Awards. In 2003, she starred in the romantic film “If Love Has God’s Will” and won the 39th Baixiang Art Awards and the 40th Korean Film Awards for Best New Actress.

How old is Sun Yizhen?

Sun Yizhen is 41 years old.

On January 11, 1982, Sun Yizhen was born into an ordinary family in Daegu, South Korea. In 1999, at the age of 18, Sun Yizhen was admitted to the film department of Seoul University of the Arts. During college, Sun Yizhen, like other students, began to make small guest roles in long-running TV dramas on three major Korean TV stations.

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