Weight management

Where can I measure my height and weight?

There are generally the following types of places to measure my height and weight:

cu weight management and wellness clinic

1. Hospital or clinic: You can go to the hospital or clinic for a physical examination, and the doctor will measure your height and weight.

2. Gym: Some large gyms will also provide height and weight measurement services, which you can use before exercising.

3. Shopping malls or supermarkets: Some shopping malls or supermarkets will also provide height and weight measurement services, but usually only for children and adolescents.

4. Self-service weighing machines: In some public places, such as airports, train stations, etc., there will be self-service weighing machines, which can measure your height and weight by yourself.

What are the government services of the health center?

1. Set up a guide desk in the service center of the outpatient hall, equipped with a guide, to provide patients with fee inquiry, health education, guide and other services, and to implement necessary help for helpless patients who have difficulty walking.

2. The outpatient will measure the blood pressure and weigh the weight of the patient free of charge.

3. The outpatient will have a waiting chair to facilitate the patient to rest and wait.

4. Set up a health education publicity board. Use newspaper clips, health education columns, admission missions, and TV broadcasts of health education knowledge in the visiting hall to guide the patient’s health.

Does Anhui Provincial Hospital have a weight loss clinic?

1. There are 2. Because Anhui Provincial Hospital is a comprehensive hospital with multiple departments and outpatient clinics, including a weight loss clinic, which specializes in providing medical services for patients who need to lose weight. 3. If you need to lose weight, you can go to the weight loss clinic of Anhui Provincial Hospital for consultation and treatment. The doctor will formulate a personalized weight loss plan according to your physical condition and needs to help you achieve your weight loss goal. At the same time, Anhui Provincial Hospital also provides a variety of other medical services, welcome to visit.

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