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When is the right time to take a shower after skin care in a beauty salon?

After taking it forever, when is the most suitable time to wash it? But it is the most suitable to wash it after an hour, but the things he gives you for skin care are the same as those we take care of at home. I used to be in the beauty salon one day a day, you make up my home mask after a week, and use the facial cleanser again for everything. You can apply it to your head for half an hour every day, so that the face of the facial cleanser daughter-in-law is also very wide. You can’t go to the beauty salon without giving them money. Let’s buy some good masks.

can you shower after putting on your skin care routine

Do you need to take care of your skin immediately after taking a shower?

Hello~ The answer is yes, it is not the best time to make a mask after taking a shower, but skin care products must be applied after taking a shower~ You must use toner or softener, then lotion, cream, anyway, it is the usual series~ This is more conducive to the absorption of the skin! In addition to using an oil-controlling facial cleanser for oily skin, oil control is not so good. Use more moisturizing products and try not to use essence. These will be more greasy. Oil and pores will improve when hydrated.

Don’t use too expensive ones for young skin, the skin burden is too heavy. Use a sleep freeze film before going to bed, ingredients like red wine rose or olive aloe vera can whiten and replenish water. But don’t apply everything for a day, it’s wasteful, and you can’t absorb so much.

Can I take care of my skin after taking a shower?


It is best to take care of your skin within five minutes after taking a shower. If it is too late, the skin care effect may not be very good. It is best to conduct some skin sensitivity tests before applying the body lotion. If the skin is allergic, it is not suitable to use the body lotion to avoid adverse reactions. If you want to apply the body lotion for a good effect, it is recommended that you stick to it for a long time. Occasionally using it once may not have a good skin care effect.

Can you use body wash or wipe other skin care products after using it?

First of all, express your attitude: although shower gel has a cleansing effect, it is not recommended to use it as a shampoo.

According to my personal research on cosmetics and hairdressing products for many years, the difference between shampoo and body wash is that the concentration of alkaline substances added inside is different. Shampoo will pay more attention to the moisturizing of hair after shampooing. There will be many moisturizing ingredients in it, while the body wash is more alkaline, focusing on removing oily secretions on the surface of the body. Therefore, if you are a short-haired boy, or you usually use conditioner and hair mask after shampooing, you can use body wash (body wash, body wash) and other products to shampoo your hair. If on the contrary, you don’t like oily hair, or you don’t pay attention to using hair care products, you must use a special shampoo to wash your hair! In some brands, there will be two-in-one shampoo and bath products. A lot of wet surfactants and nutrients are added to the products, mainly to reduce the irritation of the body wash to the hair and keep the hair from drying. It is suitable for people who take a shower every day to use!

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