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When is the best time to use vc toner

1. Use vc toner as a secondary cleaning

when to use toner in skin care routine

After using the cleansing product for facial cleansing, you can pour vc toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe the facial skin. Vc toner has a good effect of removing the stratum corneum off the face, and also has a good effect of cleaning pores. After the secondary cleaning, it is more conducive to the skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care products.

2. Use vc toner as a facial mask

vc toner is poured on the paper film. After the paper film fully absorbs the vc toner, it is applied to the face as a facial mask. VC toner has a good effect on adjusting the balance of water and oil. Regular use can improve the condition of skin dehydration and oil production. You can also pour VC toner on a cotton pad and apply it on both sides of the nose to improve the water and oil balance of the skin.

3. Use VC toner to moisturize and moisturize

Pour VC toner on your hands, apply it to your face and pat it lightly to let the toner be fully absorbed by the skin. VC toner can be used directly as the first step of skin care. It has a good effect of relaxing pores and moisturizing the skin. Subsequent matching with skin care products can make the effect of VC toner better.

Fourth, the use effect of vc moisturizing water

In addition to the effect of better moisturizing and balancing water oil, it also has a better effect of brightening skin tone and shrinking pores. Long-term use of vc toner can also dilute acne marks and spots on the face, making the skin more delicate and elastic. Vc toner can also be used with vc powder to achieve the best skin care effect.

Fifth, the preservation method of vc toner

vc toner needs to be stored in a dark place, because the ingredient stability of vitamin c is not very high, if exposed to sunlight, it is easy to decompose the active ingredients inside. If the vc toner changes from the original transparent color to a slightly yellowed liquid, it means that the active ingredients in the vc toner have decomposed and deteriorated over time.

Do you use toner every morning and evening?

Use every morning and evening

The toner can be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You can use toner at night, which will promote skin absorption and help maintain and care for the skin. Before going to bed at night, after thoroughly removing makeup and washing your face, pat the toner, and then apply the moisturizing serum.

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