Weight management

When exercising, how do you maintain your weight after reaching your goal?

This question, if answered according to the question, is definitely not a fitness crowd.

weight management goal setting

Fitness reaches your set goals, how do you maintain it?

Fitness veterans never mean to stop their pace.

Only by constantly adjusting and constantly breaking through themselves, when you reach your goal, it is only a short-term excitement, and you will enter new areas non-stop.

For example, your goal is to reduce your waist circumference from the original 2 ‘7 to 2’ 3. When you reach your goal, you will find that the slender-waisted buddies in the gym will look in the mirror every day to show off their abs. The chocolate-like protrusions are placed under the lights in various poses. When you look at your belly, you always feel something is wrong.

At this time, will you stop and be narcissistic about your thin waist?

The more you exercise and get fit, the more you will find that those around you who are in good shape have always worked hard.

You ask them how to maintain it after reaching their goal, and they will look at you like aliens to achieve their goal? Is that possible? Are your arms 40 and your body fat up to 10? Is your back fried and your legs……….. I’m just asking you, are you too embarrassed to ask?

Hurry up and pick up the dumbbells and practice with the barbells! Go home and cook the chicken breast!

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