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When does sunscreen start to be used?

April to September. April to September of each year is the period with the highest UV intensity of the year, and sunscreen should start in April instead of July and August. Which season does sunscreen need to be used? Each cutie has a bottle or bottles of sunscreen. Sunscreen is the last step of skin care during the day. It is a very important skin care product. Sunscreen has a great effect on the skin. Ultraviolet rays not only tan the skin,

when to apply self-tanner in skin care routine

After applying the skin care products, apply the isolation sunscreen first to make up or apply the sunscreen after painting?

The correct order is to isolate first, then sunscreen, and finally make up.

Isolating first can help reduce the skin’s damage to environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays, while also modifying skin tone and controlling oil secretion. Sunscreen is to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and prevent skin aging and pigmentation. Isolating first and then sunscreen allows the isolation product to better fit the skin without affecting the absorption and effect of the sunscreen product. Makeup: Finally, apply makeup to the face to cover blemishes and modify the skin tone.

Plain cream or sunscreen Which is the order of use of plain cream and sunscreen first?

Use plain cream first, then apply sunscreen. Mainly because plain face cream contains some skin care ingredients, compared with sunscreen, plain face cream will be less irritating to the skin. And plain face cream has the functions of covering pores, whitening and brightening skin tone, and is used after water, lotion and cream.

Sunscreen is generally rubbed behind skin care products to block ultraviolet rays, which is to prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned. So plain face cream should be rubbed first, and sunscreen should be rubbed later.

Can Xiurike Green Essence be used during the day?

Can it be used.

Xurek Color Repair Serum can be used sooner or later. It will not tan the skin because of the use of color repair during the day. There is no problem with normal sun protection. I bought color repair and used it during the day for a period of time, and I did not find that the skin turned dark. So, the claim that using color repair during the day will make it easier to be tanned is not true, you can use it with confidence.

Can essential oils be used during the day?

In fact, essential oils themselves do not cause allergic reactions to the skin, but some essential oils are light-sensitive. Once applied to the skin, it will make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, cause the activity of melanin, which may cause the skin to be tanned, and in severe cases, it may cause the skin to be burned.

Our commonly used essential oils are mainly citrus and floral oils, among which citrus essential oils are mostly light-sensitive essential oils. Try to avoid exposure to the sun within 6 to 8 hours after use, that is, do not use it during the day, but if the concentration of essential oils is below 1%, the energy of some essential oils will be transferred to the whole bottle of compound essential oils, and its light sensitivity will no longer have much effect.

However, when using compound essential oils, please take a closer look at the composition of essential oils. If it contains citrus essential oils, then we recommend not using them during the day. Citrus essential oils mainly include: Angelica, bergamot, bitter orange, cumin, dill, grapefruit, lemon, lemon verbena, lime, orange, orange, marigold. Other floral essential oils are not light-sensitive, and the compound essential oils prepared can be used during the day. Floral essential oils mainly include: rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, neroli essential oil, jasmine essential oil, magnolia essential oil, lily essential oil, gardenia essential oil, osmanthus essential oil, etc.

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