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What’s the matter with rx pure gold on the pendant?

The Rx on the pendant is the gold content, which is 9999 parts per 10,000. It is commonly known as rx ten thousand pure gold, and 999 is rx thousand pure gold.

the golden rx skin care routine

999 pure gold is gold. 999 pure gold is gold. 999 pure gold is gold. The gold content of 999 pure gold is 99. 9%, also known as thousand pure gold or 24k gold. This kind of gold has high gold content, is bright golden yellow, and has high ductility. It has high aesthetics.

How about Yamaha RX-V377? Is Yamaha RX-V377 good?

Yamaha rx-v477

Yamaha rx-v4775. 1 Home network AV power amplifier


Brand Yamaha

Color gold


Model rx-v477

Sound quality can also be set. It’s a bit complicated. I am difficult to receive the platform fm. It is clearer and more powerful. My open to -20 sound is very loud. Only the left and right speakers

Low-end products should not pursue sound quality. The music performance is as expected. It is not as good as the 3886 small attack amplifier at home. Whether it is strength, sound quality and 3886 are not one or two points short. The intermediate frequency is thin and the low frequency is weak. Want to rely on the equalizer to adjust the effect? Don’t think about it, the only advantage is that the dsp simulates various environmental sound effects with a strong sense of presence; but watching a movie is another matter entirely, multiple channels are accurately positioned, the separation is high, the sound field is highly infectious, and there is a very good sense of encirclement. It has the feeling of a small theater. In short, the space of about 20 square meters is completely enough to support the scene, and it is economical

377 is small and compact compared with the power amplifier of the pioneer set. The fried chicken arrived quickly, I am very satisfied. The second set of 5. 1 configuration, I like to fiddle with it, and I just saw the jbl510 special price. Comments will be on the thump. If the neighbor doesn’t complain, leave him alone. I enjoyed this purchase very much. The things have not been adjusted. Just install it and play the music first. When you have time, you can frame the front, left and right, middle, and back left and right. You are very satisfied.

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