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What’s good for overseas TikTok?

When selling goods on overseas TikTok (international version of Douyin), what kind of products are more likely to be successful depends on a number of factors, including the needs of the target market, consumer preferences, seasonal trends, and cultural nuance in your area. Here are some product categories that usually perform well on overseas TikTok:

tik tok skin care routine

1. Beauty and personal care products: makeup, skin care products, cosmetics, beauty tools, etc., especially those with innovative features or in line with current fashion trends.

2. Fashion and Accessories: Clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, fashion accessories, etc., especially those with unique designs or brand influence.

3. Electronic Products and Accessories: Smartphones, headphones, computer accessories, smart home devices, etc., especially those with high-tech or innovative features.

4. Health and Fitness Products: Fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, health foods, sportswear, etc., especially those that can help users improve their health level or get in shape.

5. Home and Decorations: Furniture, decorations, kitchen items, home appliances, etc., especially those that can provide a comfortable life or beautify the home environment.

6. Toys and Games: Children’s toys, video games, board games, etc., especially those that are educational or entertaining.

7. Featured Handicrafts: Handmade crafts, artworks, custom-made goods, etc., especially those that are culturally distinctive or have artisanal value.

8. Used and Vintage Goods: Vintage clothing, used books, collectibles, etc., especially those that are historically valuable or unique.

When choosing products, it is important to understand your target market and the needs of potential customers. In addition, tracking current hot trends and consumer interests through market research tools such as GoogleTrends, TikTok Trend Analysis, etc., can help you make more informed decisions. At the same time, ensuring that your product complies with local import regulations and TikTok sales policies is also one of the key factors for successful sales.

TikTok What theme starts fast?

On TikTok, the following themes can usually attract more attention and fast starts:

Entertainment and Humor: TikTok is an entertainment-themed platform, so posting funny and humorous content can often attract more viewers. You can try to make funny short videos, spoof clips or funny challenge videos.

Dance and Music: Dance and music are one of the most popular themes in TikTok. You can learn popular dance moves and record your own dance videos, or play musical instruments, sing songs, etc., showing your musical talent.

Beauty and Fashion: There are many content creators on TikTok about beauty and fashion, sharing makeup tips, dress suggestions, beauty and skin care, etc. If you are interested in this area and have relevant knowledge, you can try to post relevant content.

Tutorials and Skill Shows: If you are good at a certain skill or have specific knowledge, you can make tutorial videos or show your skills. This type of video usually attracts audiences who are interested in the field.

Animals and Pets: People are always interested in cute animals and pets. If you have pets, you can shoot their funny moments or create pet-related content.

In addition to the above themes, there are many other content types to try. The key is to find your area of interest and be able to show your unique charm to attract the attention and interaction of the audience. Remember to stay creative and constantly updated to interact with the audience so that you can get a fast start on the TikTok.

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