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What year did Shadow say it was?

“Shadow” is a song sung by Coco Lee, released on August 14, 2009, and included in the album “CoCo Stuff Eastto West”.

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Song original singing

Coco Lee


Yao Qian


Liu Weide

Song lyrics

Forever I can only be behind you

Silent shout please look back

On this planet of billions

I love you more than anyone else

But I am afraid that you will be hurt and it will be difficult to be a friend

Watching you go to him Beside

When he occupies your heart

I lose weight in my life

Why the right to love

Destined to hide for a lifetime

How much I want to change his role

Even coquettish can be taken for granted

Why do I love so much

It is customary to bind me

The shadow can only be behind you

Virtual to hug you

There is no warm affection to go

And hide from the prying trial of others

How hurt I am But I can never say

Watch the sky dark and bright

Watch him occupy your heart

I know because you dare not

Why the right to love

Destined to hide for life

I want to ask in front of everyone

Can you really love

Why love so much

The convention binds me

Watch him occupy your heart

I know it is because you dare not

Why the right to love

> Destined to be hidden for a lifetime

I want to ask in front of everyone

Can you really not love

Why do you love so much

It is customary to bind me

All the grievances I silently bear?

1. All the grievances are buried deep in my heart, I choose to bear alone, only willing to show the world a strong side.

2. Those grievances come like a tide, but I silently build a dam in my heart and resist alone.

3. The grievances accumulate in my heart, but I choose to be silent, turn them into silent tears, and swallow them slowly by myself.

4. I take all the grievances into my arms, not letting people see my vulnerability, and silently bear all the pain.

5. The grievances are like a shadow, but I can only bear them silently, healing alone in a corner without anyone.

6. Every grievance is silently borne by myself, because I know that no one can really understand my pain.

7. The grievances in my heart are like a storm, but I stand in it quietly, let them beat wantonly, and bear it alone.

8. All grievances are locked in my heart by me, using silence as the key to bear the unspeakable weight by myself.

9. I turned grievances into silence, built a high wall at the bottom of my heart, and struggled silently in it.

10. Grievances are the secret garden of my heart. I wander alone in it, silently bearing all the joys and sorrows.

11. Countless grievances spread in my heart, and I choose to swallow them silently, not letting anyone notice my sadness.

12. Grievances are like a mountain pressing down on my heart, but I can only carry them up silently and move forward step by step with difficulty.

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