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What to use to block your hair when taking care of your skin?

It is a common practice to use a headband or hairpin to block your hair. Because when taking care of your skin, many products are applied to your face, which is easy to stick to your hair, affect the use effect, and even make your hair greasy. In addition, dirt and oil on your hair may also irritate your skin and affect your skin care effect. Therefore, using a headband or hairpin to block your hair can not only effectively protect your hair and skin, but also be easy to operate and ensure your skin care effect. In addition, if you want to better protect your hair, you can choose some special hair care products, such as shower caps or hair care sprays. These products can not only prevent the hair from being stuck by cosmetics, but also prevent the hair from being damaged by water oxidation, keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

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What is the name of the hair that gets up when washing your face?

Hair band

Hair band. Hair band is a headgear used to fix the hair and keep the hair from getting wet when washing your face. When washing your face, the bangs on your forehead and sideburns are very annoying things. After wearing the hair band, you can avoid such problems. No hair will stick to your face. You can wash your face however you want.

Wear the headband, first comb all the hair with a comb, put the headband into the neck first, slowly touch the hair with the front end of the headband, then stroke it back, adjust the headband again and again, slowly stroke the headband behind the ear, comb the hair around the ear, wear it, and finally adjust the tightness.

Can the general merchandise category be used as hair accessories?

The general merchandise category can be used as hair accessories, because hair accessories are one of the common products in general merchandise stores. General merchandise stores usually sell various cosmetics, skin care products, shampoo, hair masks and other beauty-related products, and hair accessories are also part of beauty. There are many kinds of hair accessories, such as hairpins, headbands, hairpins, hairpins, etc., which can meet the needs and preferences of different people. Therefore, the general merchandise market has gradually covered the field of hair accessories and provided customers with more choices.

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