Weight management

What systems are required for the temporary storage room of medical waste?

System for the safe disposal of medical waste

waste management weight restrictions

I. In order to strengthen the safe management of medical waste, prevent the spread of diseases, protect the environment and protect human health, this system is formulated in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste” of the Ministry of Health.

II. Regularly train relevant personnel on legal and professional skills, safety protection and emergency treatment.

III. Do a good job in registering medical waste disposal, including medical waste, type, weight, quantity, handover time, disposal method, final destination, etc. The registration information is kept for at least 5 years.

IV. Separate collection and transportation of medical waste, temporary storage, and temporary storage time shall not exceed 48 hours.

V. Clean and disinfect medical waste transportation tools at designated locations.

VI. Regularly monitor, evaluate, and archive the sanitary effects of medical waste temporary storage facilities. When it is found that medical waste is lost, leaked, and diffused, it should be reported in time.

VII. Fill in the medical waste transfer form as required, execute double signature, and keep the data for 5 years.

8. Equip personnel and managers engaged in the classified collection, transportation, temporary storage and disposal of medical waste with necessary protective equipment, conduct regular health inspections, and immunize relevant personnel when necessary to prevent them from being damaged by monitoring. Medical waste management responsibility system, clear division of labor, and responsibility to the person.

Four-point requirements for internal transportation of medical waste?

1. Before internal transportation, the management personnel and transportation personnel of the department (department) that generates medical waste should carefully check the packaging or container of medical waste to ensure that there is no damage, leakage and other defects. The management personnel of the waste production department (department) shall do a good job of medical waste handover registration, record the handover time, category, weight and other information, and sign and confirm with both parties of the transporter.

2. During the internal transportation, the transporter shall not leave the transportation tool at will until it is transported to the temporary storage site of medical waste. The internal transportation time and route of medical waste should be relatively fixed, and the peak of diagnosis and treatment should be avoided. It is advisable to choose the route with the least flow of people and logistics.

3. After the internal transportation to the temporary storage site of medical waste, the transporter shall hand over the medical waste with the management personnel of the temporary storage site. After the signature and confirmation of both parties, it will be temporarily stored in sections.

4. After the delivery work on the same day is completed, the transportation tools (turnover boxes, barrels) shall be cleaned

Note: A turnover box (barrel) refers to a dedicated rigid container used to hold primary-packaged medical waste during the transportation of medical waste.

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