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What steps do you need for skin care at the age of 17?

The skin care steps at the age of 17 are very simple. Wash your face first, then use water, then use eye cream, then use lotion, and finally use face cream. You can not use essence for skin care at this age, but add essence when you are 18. The most important thing is to keep the skin moist, and it is enough to buy products with moisturizing effect. You don’t need to buy any firming effect, you don’t need it at all.

skin care routine for 17 year girl

17-year-old student party correct skin care steps?

Water milk 17-year-old has these

16-17 How do girls take care of their skin?

Girls aged 16-17 are in puberty, and there may be some problems with the skin, such as acne, excessive oil secretion, etc. Here are some suggestions to help girls of this age with skin care:

1. Gentle cleansing: Use gentle cleansing products to clean the face every morning and evening, and avoid using highly irritating facial cleansers or soaps.

2. Maintain moisture balance: Use moisturizing products that suit your skin type to maintain skin moisture balance. For oily skin, you can choose a refreshing moisturizing lotion or condensation, and for dry skin, you can choose a moisturizing cream.

3. Sunscreen: Use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days or in winter. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF value above 30 and reapply it regularly.

4. Diet conditioning: Maintain a balanced diet and consume more fresh fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods. Avoid excessive intake of greasy, spicy and sweet foods.

5. Regular work and rest: Maintain adequate sleep time. It is best to maintain 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Regular work and rest can help the skin recover and repair.

6. Avoid squeezing acne: Try to avoid squeezing acne with your hands, which will lead to aggravation of infection and inflammation. If necessary, special acne products can be used for treatment.

7. Pay attention to personal hygiene: keep pillowcases, towels and other items clean to avoid the growth of bacteria. Change cosmetics and makeup brushes frequently to avoid clogging pores.

The most important thing is that everyone’s skin condition is different, so choose the skin care products and methods that suit you according to your skin type and needs. If you have any skin problems or concerns, it is recommended to consult a professional dermatologist or beautician.

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