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What special skin care products are suitable for the morning?

Facial cleanser, toner, muscle bottom fluid, serum, lotion, etc. will be used in the morning skin care process.

what should be your morning routine for skin care

1. Cleanser or facial cleanser

Cleansing is always the first step in skin care. Cleansing the dirt on the face, if the cleaning is not thorough, the skin will easily become dry, rough and thick. Correct cleansing steps: Wet the face with warm water, take an appropriate amount of cleansing products in your hands, and rub it with your hands to make a rich foam; especially the T-shaped parts that are prone to oil, do not rub directly, but massage; then rinse off with water; immediately use a towel to dry the moisture on the face, and finally spray mineral water spray on the face, and then dry it with a towel again.

2. Toner

The important role of cleaning and shrinking pores. Lotion cannot replace moisturizer. The main function of lotion is to adjust the skin, not emollient, so lotion should be used after cleaning.

3. Muscle bottom fluid

After cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle bottom fluid to lay a good foundation.

4. Essence

After using muscle bottom fluid, use essence, and use essence before lotion and cream.

5. Lotion or cream

After using the essence, you can apply lotion or cream. If it is oily skin, use lotion. If it is dry skin, you can use cream.

Best time for skin care in the morning?

Skin care time 1:6 am

At this time, the skin is in a very sensitive state. Since it has just woken up, the body’s natural hormonal activity will produce a histamine reaction, making the skin vulnerable to damage, irritation and even allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to use skin care products with calming and soothing skin effects at this time.

Skin care time 2:8 am

Generally, beautiful women are ready to go to work at this time. It is recommended to use a product or sunscreen with a balance of water and oil before going out. The skin will secrete oil in the morning to moisturize the skin. Unless the skin is particularly dry, there is no need to use additional moisturizers, serums or essential oils. Mainly do a good job of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and stress, and high energy damage to the skin.

Is it necessary to take care of the skin in the morning?

In fact, skin care in the morning is as important as skin care in the evening. The day is in the morning. Make full use of the morning time for skin care. Before starting a new day and life, it can help us take care of our appearance and end the day’s work and life. Be more patient with skin care at night. Don’t stay up late after skin care. Your skin will be in much better condition the next day.

How to take care of your skin in the morning

(1) Cleaning

Cleaning is a very important step in skin care. If you don’t clean your facial skin in time, it will easily lead to acne, acne, blackheads and other problems. After a night of oil secretion, the waste from facial metabolism will also hinder the entry of moisture and nutrients, so cleaning must be done well.

(2) Toner

After washing your face, gently pat and massage your facial skin with toner or lotion to help converge pores and also have a cleansing and moisturizing effect.

(3) Emollient

Gently apply the essence milk to the facial skin, massage and absorb. If there are fine lines, you can eat the anti-aging essence. You can wait quietly for 3 minutes after applying, which can make the skin better absorb skin care products.

(4) Cream

The cream has a good deep moisturizing effect. Rub the cream evenly with the palm of your hand, then press it on the face and gently massage. The temperature of your hands can better help the absorption of the cream and make the skin fairer and more moisturized.

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