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What software can limit the Internet access to ensure that children are healthy online?

Ranking of the most commonly used children’s Internet management software

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The popularity of the Internet has made us more and more inseparable from it, but the Internet has brought us convenience, but it has also brought great troubles to parents. The Internet is very attractive to children. How to manage children’s Internet access is an urgent matter. Today, I will recommend several good children’s Internet management software I have collected to you, hoping to help you! You can choose the one that suits you according to your actual needs.


Gray Box

Gray Box has the following functions:

1. Guard Internet Security

With the largest database of bad URLs in the country, it can actively and efficiently filter bad URLs,

Take care of teenagers’ Internet safety.

2. Internet time arrangement

Parents can set the lock screen period of their children’s mobile phones, computers, etc.

When the time comes, the child’s device will automatically lock the screen and develop good habits.

3. Management software use

The child’s unsafe installation of the software behavior actively notifies parents, and parents can only use it after confirmation.

4. Family location

Parents can check the real-time geographical location of their children from time to time to understand their children’s whereabouts.

5. Safe area

Set a safe area in the map. Children can have information reminders when entering and leaving the area, and keep track of their children’s whereabouts at any time.

From these functions, Grey Box is a tutor. What are you waiting for? Come and try it.


Network person remote control software is a good remote control software, which can be remotely monitored by entering the other party’s IP and control password. Network person remote control software is an ideal choice for parents to control children and enterprise control employees. It is an essential tool to ensure children’s healthy Internet access and real-time monitoring of employees’ work!


Jusheng Network Management 2. 11 Cracked version

JuSheng Network Management System is a powerful and highly creative LAN network management software that can be deployed to any computer on the LAN without the need for port mirroring, HUB or proxy server settings. It can achieve the prohibition of P2P downloads, P2P videos, QQ chat tools, URL browsing, host bandwidth traffic, stock software, and network game restrictions.



This free network management software can quickly list all devices connected to the network (listed by Internet Protocol Address) and information about each device. It can quickly scan all Internet Protocol Addresses in a specified range, and then display whether a device corresponding to each address is connected to the Internet. It lists the status, machine name, NetBIOS information, ping information, and MAC address of each device.


Children’s Internet Protector

Children’s Internet Protector is a green software that protects children’s Internet access. It is simple to use and can effectively prevent children from entering unhealthy websites due to accidental clicks when surfing the Internet. Make parents more at ease when their children use the computer.


The above are the five children’s Internet management software that the editor has collected for you today. You may wish to download and try it out. The editor tried it out and found that the gray box is very easy to use, rich and practical. You can also take a look! I wish the babies learning and progress!

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